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My Subscription Addiction

Wanlow vs. Think Outside: Which Outdoor Subscription Box is Right for Your Kids?

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonOct 10, 2022Sponsored

POV: You’re two weeks behind on laundry, you have dishes stacked up to the ceiling, and if you hear your 7- and 9-year-old-say “I’m bored” one more time, you’re going to flip. What do you do? Get them outside with an outdoor subscription box for kids, of course! Read below to find out which box is best for your kids’ adventurous lifestyles.

If you value an awesomely curated “Welcome” box…Wanlow

Wanlow had a fantastic introductory box filled with high-quality, name-brand items that came highly recommended on popular sporting goods websites. With a family sized Coalatree hammock valued at over $59, me and my kids were instantly sold, especially when they discovered the wooden pen and pencil set, the journal, and the National Parks magnetic postcard.

Wanlow’s 144-page journal not only tracks 1,000 hours outside, but the questions prompt reflection on the time spent outdoors. Paired with the hammock that we have caught actual Zzzs in, the quality of this box speaks for itself–with my son Charlie giving it 2 thumbs up.

Think Outside’s welcome box included an exclusively made nylon backpack paired with a few smaller items. The curation was nice, but honestly, they were items my kids thought were cool for a little while, but most of it ended up at the bottom of the toy box within days.

If you’re looking for durable products….Wanlow

I noticed almost all of the items Wanlow sends are name-brand items you can buy at retail stores, and I’ve been super impressed with the quality of items you can expect at stores like REI and Big 5. Think Outside tends to send exclusive items that don’t last as long. So, if you are looking to have items that will hold up outdoors for years to come, Wanlow is your box.

If you want an expanded age range… Think Outside

While Wanlow’s subscription is geared towards kids 6-11, it’s up to you whether you think the box is appropriate outside of this range based on maturity (I’m 34 and loved the first box!). However, Think Outside’s 7-16 year-old box plus a 4-7 year-old box makes Think Outside more inclusive overall.

If you’re looking to embark on a learning adventure every month…Wanlow

Not only does Wanlow take you on a new adventure each month based on a specific theme, but the box items paired with interactive online content creates fun both online and offline. Thanks to things like Facebook giveaways and their tips and tricks blog, you are not only creating lifelong memories with your outdoor gear, but receiving wonderful learning tools as well.

Think Outside also sends items based on specific themes, but tends to send smaller exclusive gadgets along with a lot of paper resources that get lost. I’m definitely a fan of Wanlow’s “quality over quantity” curations.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option…Think Outside

Think Outside is priced at $39.95 a month, which saves you $10 a month when compared with Wanlow, but when considering the lessened quality, it doesn’t feel like a win to me. Think Outside includes more items in the box, but take it from an educator–when you start calculating retail values, you will see that the extra $10 Wanlow charges is for a good reason and is worth it.

The Winner Is…Wanlow

Parenting is hard, especially in such a digital world. Enticing our little ones to spend time outdoors just like we did is the perfect way to unplug and create lasting family memories. Wanlow makes it easy to do just that–subscribe today to kick those “I’m bored's” to the curb (bonus: take a quick cat nap in that ultra-comfy hammock)!