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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Vegamour vs. Nutrafol: Which Should You Choose for Thicker, Healthier Looking Hair?

Rachel Scheck
ByRachel ScheckDec 4, 2023Sponsored

I have always been known for having great hair. It’s pretty thick and shiny. After I began coloring it regularly, I started taking my haircare even more seriously, using only natural shampoos that are free of chemicals.

So imagine my horror to discover thinning patches and excessive piles of hair on the bathroom floor and in the shower drain!

I don’t know if my sudden hair loss is age-related or the result of years of sporting a super tight high ponytail as a yoga teacher, but whatever the cause, this was a real hair emergency!. Going the natural route, I narrowed my options down to Vegamour and Nutrafol.

Keep reading to find out what worked best for me:

If you want to see results as quickly as possible… Vegamour

A close friend and I coincidentally decided to try Vegamour around the same time, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the results. I expected to have to wait three months (90 days) before I noticed a difference, but I saw small changes after two:

I had less shedding–this to me was the first truly noticeable sign. After washing and blow drying my hair, there was less hair on the floor and in the drain. It is fuller, healthier, and better able to withstand my yoga ponytails. On the other hand, while Nutrafol made a good impact on my friend's hair, she didn't see a real change until almost 6 months. That's over twice as long as I needed for Vegamour!

The thinner areas are slowly filling in, and overall, my hair seems to be returning to its previous splendor. I even asked my hair stylist if she saw fewer strands of hair on the floor when I went for a cut and color, and she noticed the difference right away!

If you want a supplement & serum duo that DOESN'T break the bank...Vegamour

I love the Vegamour Gro More Kit because it includes the serum in addition to the delicious gummy supplements. Unlike many other hair serums, the Vegamour serum is great because it doesn't make my hair greasy. For something that's supposed to stay in my hair all day long and not get washed out, I don't want to be afraid of stepping outside and looking like I haven't washed my hair in days. With the Vegamour hair serum, I have no concerns here!

You can get the mighty supplement and duo pair reasonably priced at $69 for both, with free shipping. Nutrafol sells its supplement and serum separately, at $79 and $69 each. For a monthly expense, that's pretty expensive.

As someone who loves a routine and sticks with it, I’d rather get my Gro More Kit and have money left over to get my nails done, or splurge on the ultimate pick me up: a great blowout (also improved by Vegamour)!

If you prefer to swallow 4 pills instead of a yummy gummy… Nutrafol

Vegamour and Nutrafol come in different forms: the Nutrafol supplement is four capsules daily while Vegamour is one heart-shaped strawberry gummy. If you prefer a supplement you can swallow and not chew, Nutrafol might work best for you.

For a mere eight calories, I prefer the gummy, personally. It tastes great, and to be honest, it's just easier for me than having to find a glass of water to swallow four capsules every day.

If you want completely vegan & plant-based products… Vegamour

While both Vegamour and Nutrafol are made from natural ingredients, only Vegamour is completely hormone free and vegan, plus it’s organic and cruelty free.

This matters to me because as a breast cancer survivor, I do not want to add any added hormones in my routine. I only buy organic produce, so of course I only want to use organic products as well. I love that they are sustainably harvested as well.

What works for me… Vegamour

While both Nurtafol and Vegamour are clinically and scientifically proven to promote hair growth, Vegamour is my top choice. It’s made from natural, organic and vegan ingredients, it’s reasonably priced, and the supplement tastes great!

Most importantly, my hair is getting back to its full glory. Give Vegamour a try and see the results for yourself!

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