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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Yourself Comfort, Confidence, & Killer Curves This Holiday

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 15, 2022In Partnership With Honeylove

I have six holiday parties on my schedule so far. SIX! Holiday season is in full swing. Hey, I’m all for it - I love festivities. I usually let these parties get the best of me... but not this year! I don’t need to stress about how I look or feel at these occasions. That’s why my secret weapon this season is Honeylove.

Honeylove's garments are designed to give you an instant confidence boost – and killer curves, of course! Frankly, it has been a revelation. Whenever I wear their pieces, I can actually breathe; there’s no digging, and it doesn’t pinch. The fabric feels super soft and high-end, making me feel special and confident. So this year, I decided to gift myself some of their most popular pieces. It’s about time I treat myself to new shapewear as I prepare for another holiday season. Here's how Honeylove can be your holiday hero as well:

Say No to Discomfort

I usually run from the office to lunches, dinner parties, and cocktail hours during the holidays. Not to mention all the family gatherings, trying to look perfect. It’s exhausting! Imagine trying to do all that with uncomfortable shapewear. I was so tired of dreading to put on these "promising" shapewear pieces, just to end up uncomfortable the entire event. Thanks, but... I'll pass.

Do yourself a favor and actually feel your most comfortable self. For me, the LiftWear Tank has been a heaven-sent. With built-in bust support and none of the annoying underwires, it's like a super tank. Even better, it comes in 8 different colors, so this wardrobe staple is there for me, whatever I choose to wear with it.

Make Your Bra Work For You, Not The Other Way Around

Sometimes I feel like women are trying to fit themselves into a bra rather than having the bra fit around them. I suppose we do this because, let's face it, there's a lot of ugly happening in the full coverage bra department. It's not easy to feel sexy in a granny bra. When I tried the CrossOver Bra, I was finally able to have my cake and eat it too. Wire-free (hell yes), adjustable straps, all the support, and none of the spillage, it was kind of amazing to find all of this in one bra that was actually attractive. The peekaboo mesh gives a little extra sex appeal, but the comfort - oh my - it is... sublime. And that's when I realized... what are we settling for?

Don't Sweat It

...literally. Is there anything worse than hosting a sauna under your clothes and trying to act like everything is great? Actually, there is: trying to use the bathroom while wearing a hot, sweaty undergarment. I've been there, and it's like a comedic scene I'd rather not endure. It's for this reason, among many others, the SuperPower Short is my undercover BFF. The strong, targeted compression I desire is present, but it's also sweat-wicking, bathroom-friendly, and magically - doesn't roll down.

Treat Yourself

Most of all, the greatest piece of advice I could give is to treat yourself, especially during the holidays! Wear what makes you feel good. You deserve it. If a solid, comfortable foundation helps you get there, well... a little self-care has never hurt anybody. Plus, Honeylove’s pieces are size inclusive, durable, and versatile. Why wouldn’t you pamper yourself with something that can give you comfort, confidence, and hourglass curves? I love that I can try on Honeylove from the comfort of my home, and the easy returns make the process such a breeze.

You already give so much to others year-round. I’m choosing to treat myself first this year. And you should too! Now if you'll excuse me, this Vegan Leather Legging is calling my name, and I am definitely going to add-to-cart!