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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Tricks to Find Relief from Arthritis Pain, and My New Favorite Solution

Summer Greene
BySummer GreeneNov 21, 2022In partnership with Capsiva

Remember how easy things were when you were young? When I was younger, I was active in sports, I loved to hike, and I didn’t think about moving at all. These days, I have arthritis in my back and knees–I’m very aware of moving all the time. I’m a nurse, and it’s hard to help other people when walking feels like a chore and your back hurts so badly that all you want to do is sit down.

Over the years, I’ve explored several options for dealing with my moderate arthritis pain, but every option I’ve tried so far comes with a slew of asterisks attached: it’s too complicated, there are side effects, or it takes too long to work, among other things.

Option #1: Taking Pain-Relieving Medication

I’m a nurse, but I’m kinda sick of pills. Of course, there are some medications I need to take alongside my patients, but I prefer natural yet effective products that my doctors approve of.

NSAIDs, aspirin, and steroid injections are how some people handle their arthritis, but they all have potential side effects. I have a very sensitive system (and no one is giving me a shot voluntarily, thank you!), so I prefer not to use them. What’s more, if you have some pre-existing conditions like many of the patients I work with, you might not be able to take certain medications anyway.

Option #2: Heating or Cooling Topicals and Compresses

I was never into warm or cooling gels, mostly because I want my pain to be gone without feeling like I’m having a hot flash (or a cold one)!

Plus, gels are usually super greasy, and it’s not fun to have to wash your hands right after applying them. Many gels and creams can also have bizarre side effects. As I was browsing for potential solutions, I picked up one gel, with possible side-effects including heartburn diarrhea, dizziness, stuffy nose…. For an arthritis gel? Nope. I didn’t ask for more health problems!

As for heating pads or cooling pads, waiting for them to work isn’t always possible. I can’t sit for an hour at work with a heating pad when nursing home residents need help with their own pain. I need something that’s fast and effective so I can get back to my day.

Option #3: Exercise or Physical Therapy

Who can exercise when everything hurts? Not me! Exercise and physical therapy can be great for arthritis, but if I can’t make it through five minutes without feeling achy, I’m going to skip exercise and drink a smoothie instead. Exercise and physical therapy are time-consuming and take a while to work.

My Personal Choice

I’ve used all of the options above, and Capsiva’s Arthritis Pain Relief is my personal pick. Unlike other topical pain relief gels, Capsiva’s homeopathic formula helps with both stopping pain and promoting blood flow in addition to pain relief. Capsiva uses naturally extracted capsaicin, their formula has no known side effects, and is safe if you take other prescriptions or have pre-existing conditions. Capsiva’s formula helps you naturally recover, so you can get back to doing what you love without being in pain.