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My Subscription Addiction

Trends Come and Go – Why WeightWatchers is Here to Stay

Naomi Modica
ByNaomi ModicaOct 10, 2022In Partnership With WeightWatchers

We’ve all seen many weight loss trends and fads come and go. Who remembers the baby food diet? Or the charcoal cleanse? I’ve done my share of fad diets that got me nowhere. But, there’s one thing I’ve found that’s giving me long-lasting, sustainable results: WeightWatchers!

I joined WeightWatchers after being sweaty and in pain on Halloween while trick-or-treating with my kids. That was an uncomfortable reminder of where my health was. After joining WW, the following Halloween I was able to run around, skip, jump, and keep up with both of my kids.

My first major goal was to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and with WW, I got there: all in all, I've lost 68 pounds! Read below to discover how WeightWatchers has drastically improved my quality of life.

WW Gives Me Flexibility…

I think WW has stayed popular all these years (almost 60!) because it is sustainable. WeightWatchers is a way of living healthfully and mindfully that actually changes your relationship with food. WW helps you focus on real nutritional meals: without depriving yourself of the foods you love. So, I can still enjoy a side of fries or a glass of rosé.

To me, what makes WW approachable, sustainable, and realistic is the flexibility it gives me. WW isn’t a one-size fits all generic meal plan. Instead, they use a Points® system that lets me choose the foods I want to eat. Nothing is off limits, but I really love to lean on my ZeroPoint foods (aka foods with high nutritional value that I don’t need to track, measure or count!). I love a veggie-packed pasta with some grilled chicken, or a salad with salmon or chicken, cheese–the works!

I think WW’s focus on teaching healthy habits is the key to my success with this program. It’s not just about staying within my Points Budget. I’m learning how to eat the right portions for me, be mindful of what I’m eating, and even how to order the best meals when I eat out!

And Support…

Then, there’s the community. After my initial phone call with a WW Coach, I received a customized plan with goals for the week. And whenever I had questions I could connect with a Coach via phone, email, or text. In addition to the Coach, I also had access to support groups and members-only communities within the app. I recently completed a 75-day challenge, and without the support of the WW community I’m part of, it would have been tough to stay after it.

Even when I don’t feel like interacting with other people, I can still use the WW app as a place to discover the resources they have available for members. I know I can always find what I need to stay focused from exercises, recipes, and health tips.

So I Can Lose Weight On My Terms!

With WW, I don’t feel pressure. The program is designed to help you lose 1-2 pounds per week as that is a healthy amount of weight to lose. At first, I dreaded the weekly weigh-in, but seeing progress helped me stay motivated after a while and now, I’m down 68 pounds!

I don’t feel like I’m working towards a crazy weight loss goal or that I have to skip meals to ensure I reach the goal. Instead, I know I’m doing my best every week to become the healthiest version of myself

WW is extremely convenient. The app makes it helpful to keep track of Points and the foods you eat. There’s no meal plan involved; you don’t have to buy expensive shakes, frozen food,  or groceries you most likely never use. Instead, with WW, you can take control of your eating habits and start making changes to lose weight.

WeightWatchers is a must-try for anyone who’s tried fad diets or crazy weight loss challenges with no luck. I was tired of the yo-yo effect from all those crazy diets but I’ve found thatWW is all about long-term success and consistency. And after trying different things, I finally understand why WW is here to stay for generations to come.