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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

These Are The Bespoke Post Boxes I’m Gifting Over and Over Again

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasAug 22, 2022

The boxes from Bespoke Post are not your expected subscription box. Every box has pretty cool, functional, and practical items that I need! Out of the many boxes they’ve curated throughout the past months, I think that the following five boxes should earn the Best Bespoke Post Box Award.  This has seriously become my new monthly infusion of awesome and here are my top picks – no questions asked!

1. Alchemy

First up, the Alchemy box was the perfect excuse to start learning how to make cocktails at home. We have a bar cart at home with some basic liquors. But, if I’m being honest, I usually reach for a glass of wine, and my husband goes for a scotch. The wildest drink we would try was a margarita. Having the shaker and the tools to try new cocktails was a fun challenge for us.

Now, we have a standing monthly cocktail-a-thon with friends at our house! Everyone brings their recipes and other liquors, and we get together to try our creations. Before you get jealous, sometimes our cocktails don’t turn out as good as they sound. But, hey, practice makes perfect, right?

2. Smoked

To everyone’s surprise, we then got the Smoked box. This meant we really got to elevate our cocktail get-togethers into a more sophisticated restaurant-quality night of fun. So far, my favorite cocktail to smoke has been the classic Paloma. I think there’s something about the smoky grapefruit flavor that gets me every time. I feel like I’m sipping on the most expensive cocktail ever.

Full disclosure, I sometimes use the torch for non-cocktail purposes, like a quick grilled cheese sandwich or to caramelize a creme brulee.

3. Aged

Okay, keeping up with our cocktails theme, this was the box that genuinely changed our cocktail game. We used the first stick on a classic white rum. We couldn’t believe the taste was smooth and subtle after a couple of days. It felt like a new liquor altogether.

Then, because my husband is a bit creative, we also tried the aging kit on an already aged rum. He wanted to see if it really made a difference. And it did – a tremendous one. The rum was smokier, you could sense more depth, and it felt like a more premium alcohol.

4. Weekender

Weekend trips are common in our house. We live in Florida, so everything is at least 2-4 hours away, meaning it’s usually worth a weekend trip. The Weekender made packing so much easier. I love that it opens and stays open like a suitcase but then folds like your traditional weekend bag. Honestly, everyone needs this bag in their life. Whether you’re packing for a 2-hour away trip from home or hopping on a plane for a weekend trip, this bag makes packing your essentials a breeze.

5. Switchback

I mention we go on weekend trips a lot. In Florida, that usually means going to a national park or the beach. The Switchback box brought in some camping essentials I didn’t know we needed until they arrived at my door! While I still don’t know how to read the compass or use the fire starter, I feel these items are just must-bring essentials for your weekend in the woods. Or, in our case, the beach!

Join the Box Club

All in all, Bespoke Post has just been an awesome experience and I highly recommend giving them a try. I started with a quick quiz online so they could learn about my lifestyle and interests. Plus, for me, I really like the flexibility it offers – I can customize styles and colors, swap into another box, or skip the month altogether.