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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Tonal vs. lululemon Studio: Which Is Best for Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereDec 11, 2022


For the past 10 years, I’ve been addicted to fitness. You name it, I’ve tried it – Equinox, Soul Cycle, ClassPass, Peloton – the list goes on and on. I’ve never been fully sold on any one of these things, though, and am always looking to jazz up my workout routine as we start setting New Year’s resolutions. After hearing from friends about lululemon Studio and Tonal, two at-home fitness options, I knew I had to try them both. For me, there was a clear winner, but I’ll break it down so you can see which one you should choose.

If you want more class diversity… lululemon Studio

There’s no denying that both lululemon Studio and Tonal offer a lot of different workout types. My initial expectations had been that both only offered strength classes, but I was quickly proven wrong. They both offer many other types of workouts, ranging from HIIT boot camp to pilates to yoga. One unique workout to lululemon Studio is the option to do personal training.

For me, I was more impressed by the class diversity on lululemon Studio’s Mirror, both in type and duration of the workout. I hadn’t done much dance before but learned I actually enjoyed it, and I also love the boxing + strength workouts. In total, the lululemon Studio library has over 50 genres of workouts and 10,000 classes to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find something that you’ll like! Plus, they’re continuing to expand with options like guided outdoor runs and training for specific sports. Lululemon Studio’s class diversity is the perfect way to spice up your fitness routine in the new year.

If you want high-quality classes and instructors… lululemon Studio

This is definitely more of a personal preference, but I genuinely enjoyed the workouts more on The Mirror. I found the lululemon Studio instructors a little more energetic, the classes more fast-paced, and the overall experience was just better for me–this means a lot if I’m going to be stuck inside when it’s cold out! I also loved that I recognized some of the instructors from studios they used to teach at in New York, like Gerren from Equinox or Julie from Physique 57. I know I’ll always break a sweat in their classes.

If you want more form correction… Tonal

One thing that differentiates Tonal from lululemon Studio is the form correction aspect. The 17 sensors in the Tonal can track your movements and notify you if you are leaning back too much in a bicep curl, your knees aren’t in alignment in your squat, and so on. The weights are also automatically set for you based on an initial assessment, and they adapt as you get stronger. If the Tonal senses you fatiguing in a set, it will also automatically lower the weight, helping to prevent injury.

If you want to lift heavier weights… Tonal

While you can lift up to any weight possible with the lululemon Studio, you’ll need to buy those dumbbells/barbells and have them on hand. lululemon Studio sells connected weights that go up to 35 lbs each, which was definitely more than enough for me. Tonal, on the other hand, can adjust weight up to 200 lbs, so this may be better if you are looking for heavier strength training.

If you want to save space… lululemon Studio

I love that the lululemon Studio Mirror takes up no space in my apartment and can actually double as a full-length mirror. I have definitely used it to get ready on more than one occasion. There is also no predetermined amount of floor space that you need in front of the Mirror, so you can fit it pretty much anywhere.

With Tonal, you need to make space for the arms to come out of the wall (these are the pulleys that carry the weight), and it’s recommended to have at least a 7’x7’ space in front of the device to work out. This one was a little harder to make work in my small New York City apartment.

If you want to save money… lululemon Studio

Feeding a fitness addiction like mine isn’t always cheap, but the lululemon Studio more than pays for itself. The actual hardware is $1,495 and can be financed with 0% interest rates, meaning monthly payments of $31. The subscription for classes is an additional $39/month, bringing the monthly price to $70 (if you finance). This definitely beats my ClassPass membership! Plus, you can get it now for $750 off + free delivery.

Tonal is a bit more pricey, with the actual equipment starting at $3,495 and the monthly membership for classes coming in at $49/month.

The Ultimate Winner…lululemon Studio

For me, the choice was easy. I’m sticking with lululemon Studio for all my strength training & toning needs in 2023 and beyond. I love the quality and diversity of the classes, it takes up no space in my apartment, and the price is right.

Full price last offered 10/4/22