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My Subscription Addiction

Tom Brady Only Eats This Bread. Here’s My Honest Take

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiJan 19, 2023In Partnership With Hero Bread

I’m a bit of a wellness junkie. But I’ll always have a major soft-spot for sugary, carby, delectable, bread. Avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and cheesy quesadillas are some of my favorite go-tos. However, there are a few downsides to a carb-heavy diet, like constantly feeling bloated and allll of that sugar. This got me wondering if there is a tasty bread alternative that tastes like the real deal, without any of the negatives.

Enter: Hero Bread, a low net carb, zero-sugar bread that seriously tastes like ‘typical’ bread, with added benefits of protein and fiber. And if the numerous positive reviews and appetizing photos on their website aren’t enough reason to try it out, the GOAT himself– cough, cough, Tom Brady–swears by it. In fact, it’s the only bread he says he’ll eat, so I knew I had to give it a try. Here’s how my first encounter with Hero Bread went:

Has the Taste & Texture of "Typical" Bread

Hero Bread prepares and bakes their products in the same, tried-and-true way that bread has been baked for centuries. The result? Guilt-free bread that tastes as indulgent as ever, but that’s actually good for you. I’ve tried low-carb alternatives in the past, but they often taste like cardboard and ultimately seem like a poor imitation of the real thing.

With Hero Bread, it’s a different story. When I first tasted their sliced Classic White Bread, it was so fluffy and delicious I could have sworn it was actually Wonder Bread, without any of the high fructose corn syrup. It toasts up perfectly, popping out of the toaster a gorgeous golden brown, and the slices are perfect bookends to a glorious BLT.

Lower Carbs

All of Hero Bread’s products have little-to-no net carbohydrates (and if you, like me, were wondering what net carbohydrates are, Net Carbs = Total Carbs - Dietary Fibers). In my first order, I went with their fluffy, sliced Classic White Bread, hearty Flour Tortillas, and super filling Seeded Bread. The white bread and tortillas have zero net carbs, while the seeded bread has only one net carb! Typically, white bread and seeded bread have around 13-15 grams of carbs and tortillas have a whopping 25 grams.

Zero Sugar

And then there’s the sugar. Your average slice of bread can have as many as 5 grams of sugar. The great thing is that all of Hero Bread’s products are sugar-free! Instead of packing in the sugar, Hero Bread uses sugar alternatives like allulose, so you still get that subtly sweet flavor that we all know and love in a classic slice.

Great For Your Gut

Gut health has been top-of-mind lately, and I love that Hero Bread products are chock-full of ingredients that are great for your microbiome. Prebiotic fibers from oats and flax, combined with resistant starch from wheats, make their bread super gut-friendly. So you’re essentially getting all of the benefits from bread, without the junk.

The Verdict: Hero Bread is the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I knew if Tom Brady–the epitome of health himself–was behind Hero Bread, their products had to be good for me. What was most surprising was how incredibly delicious and “not healthy” they tasted. I can’t wait to start swapping in Hero Bread for my go-to, carb-based meals, from burgers to burritos to even a breakfast spread (can you say “low net carb croissants”?). I know my future self will be thankful for it.