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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

TikTok Made Me Try Freebird’s Shaving System–Here’s Why I’m Never Going Back

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsSep 1, 2023In Partnership With Freebird

If you’ve shaved your head before, you know how difficult it is to get the routine down to a science. You have to somehow position yourself to see both the front and back of your head while you’re shaving, you have to get the right razor…and the list goes on and on.

So, when I stumbled upon Freebird’s head shavers on TikTok, I was super intrigued by the claims that you could get a smooth shave in just two minutes. You’ll avoid nicks and cuts and you can shave dry, wet, or in the shower? Sign me up. Here’s why I’ll never go back to a traditional razor.

1). You can be out the door in two minutes or less

One of my biggest gripes with shaving my head with a traditional razor is that it’s an entire afternoon affair. I honestly didn’t believe it was possible to get a genuinely smooth shave in two minutes or less, so of course this was my Freebird FlexSeries™ Shaver’s first big test.

I decided to try it out as my last step before running out the door to work one day, and Freebird passed with flying colors. With about two minutes until I had to leave for work, I used the FlexSeries Shaver on a dry head as directed (in small circular movements). The way my head looked and felt was such an upgrade! I actually got compliments on my appearance that day, which was a huge plus.

2). You can say goodbye to nicks and cuts

Pasting little pieces of toilet paper or Kleenex to all the places you’ve nicked yourself while shaving before a big event is not ideal. Obviously I want to be out here looking my best, so I was curious about Freebird’s “don’t worry about cuts or bumps” mentality. The FlexSeries Shaver’s blade counters are designed to mold to your skin, so you’re getting an upgraded experience from your traditional razor.

Freebird recommends using the ScalpSafe Lubricating Pre Shave Oil and the Soothing Shave Gel before shaving, so that’s what I did. My head looked smooth and clean, and best of all, I didn’t have to show up to a dinner with cuts and bumps everywhere. However, you don’t even have to use the shave oil or shave gel beforehand to get optimal results–my head looks pretty great regardless of if I’m shaving wet or dry, with or without shaving oil or gel.

3). It’s an affordable investment

Buying disposable razors can set you back a considerable amount–plus, they’re wasteful. Freebird blade refills will run you anywhere from $19.16-$24.95 per blade, depending on the quantity ordered. If you subscribe to refills, this cost goes way down, to around $15-$19. Considering a pack of disposable razor blades can cost anywhere from $20-40, I’d say you’re getting way more bang for your buck with Freebird. What's even better is that Freebird allows new subscribers to get the FlexSeries shaver for $59.95, which is 40% off when compared to its full price. And with Freebird's 30-day trial and money-back guarantee, you can try it out now without risk.

My Verdict

If it’s not crystal clear by now, I’ll be turning to Freebird for a shave that’s quick, effective, and affordable. Freebird’s shaving system 100% lives up to the hype–thanks, TikTok!

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