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My Subscription Addiction

Tia vs. My Doctor’s Office: See My Whole Health Favorite

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseNov 2, 2022Sponsored

While health and wellness are important to me, I find it very hard to keep up with regular doctor visits. I know I should go to the doctor more… but I’m busy. Plus, honestly, I don’t exactly look forward to it. The whole process is cold and clinical. From the long appointment wait times to the cold, sterile office with paper gowns… even though I know regular checkups are good for me, they don’t make me feel good.

That’s why I was intrigued when I found out about Tia. This membership-based medical clinic takes a different approach to healthcare. But is it really better than my current doctor’s office? Here’s what I discovered.

If you’re looking for whole body care... Tia

Tia is truly a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. You have access to primary care providers, gynecologists, therapists, and acupuncturists all in the same clinic. What’s more, your care team is all on the same page with your information shared across providers, so you’re getting coordinated care for your physical, mental, and reproductive health. Tia is open to anyone, regardless of gender or sex, but Tia’s integrative care team specializes in women’s health.

My current GP, gyno, and therapist are all on different sides of town– and I don’t think they’ve ever met, let alone discussed my care.

If you’re looking for a spa-like experience… Tia

Tia’s facility is warm and inviting and lacks that cold, clinical feel of your standard doctor's office. The design feels bright and colorful but also somehow female-centric without being a Pepto Bismol pink Barbie dream world stereotype. Tia has literally thought of everything. You feel almost at home walking in. There are books in the waiting room to read, complimentary beverages, and even luxe designer robes (instead of those crinkly paper ones I’m used to). They’ll even give you fuzzy socks to wear so you don’t have to put your bare feet on the cold exam room floor.

If you're looking to avoid a membership fee... your current Dr.

If cost is the most important factor for you, it may make sense to stick with a traditional doctor’s office, though Tia really isn’t that much more expensive. Tia has a membership fee of $15 monthly or $150 for the whole year, which is actually less than I spend on my Netflix subscription. With this membership, you can book appointments at any Tia clinic across the US. Tia also takes insurance; they accept almost any PPO or commercial insurance, and anyone outside of that bracket is able to self-pay or be a cash-paying member. Tia even makes their pricing transparent with a published price list (good luck finding that at other places).

If you’re looking for same-day appointments… Tia!

One major benefit of Tia over typical doctor’s offices is that you can make same or next-day appointments. With a Tia membership, you can make same-day appointments for urgent care-like issues, like a surprise UTI, and your Tia Care Team is available on-demand to answer health questions, make appointments, or help with insurance. It’s like having a personal assistant for your health. On the flip side, depending on why I’m booking, I’ve often had to wait days, weeks, and sometimes even months for an appointment with my current physician.

The ultimate winner… Tia

Personally, I’m making the change to Tia. I prefer the whole-person health approach and an office that feels like home– it just makes me feel more comfortable and cared for. With all the versatility and the ability to personalize your healthcare, Tia is revolutionizing a new everyday approach to wellness. If you’re a woman looking for a better, more mindful exam experience, I highly recommend you check it out, too.