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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

This Personalized Pet Care Service Made Me a Better Pet Parent

Danielle Palko
ByDanielle PalkoJul 7, 2022

I was blown away by the cost the first time I took my dog Paisley to the vet. So I started to look for a way to effectively treat her at home and turned to Fuzzy.

Fuzzy's app offers a pet health quiz, stores all of Paisley's medical records, and sends health & medication reminders. You can also sign up for a Fuzzy membership to unlock 24/7 access to a team of license vets.

I love having a professional vet in my pocket! I get expert advice, it saves me money, and best of all, it’s been limiting stress for both me and Paisley.

Let me get into some of the cool features I like best about Fuzzy.

Talk With a Vet Via Chat or Video 24/7

You start by taking Fuzzy’s online quiz to get matched with vitamins, flea and tick prevention, and wellness products.

The Fuzzy vet team knows how to tailor their care directly to your pet and their history. While anyone can hop in and use Fuzzy's quiz to identify products that are a good fit for their pet, Fuzzy members can also text or video chat with a licensed vet 24/7 about any specific questions or to get general advice. The annual membership costs less than most veterinarian office visits. Fuzzy says that no question is too big or too small, and you can connect in seconds.

I’ve reached out to connect with their veterinarians on a number of occasions. Most recently, my pup ate something weird in my yard and got sick to her stomach. I was able to quickly get useful advice from a friendly expert. They even follow up to make sure your pet is feeling better. I never felt rushed, and I finished the call feeling that my concerns had been addressed. (And don’t worry, Paisley’s okay.)

If needed, I could also have prescriptions refilled without the need for another vet trip. Plus, it’s also super helpful that members can sync records and track vaccines from the Fuzzy app. The cherry on top? Members get 50% off vet-approved pet health products and free shipping.

Access to Customized Pet Care

Fuzzy builds a tailored plan, offering vet-recommended wellness products curated to your dog or cat’s specific needs.

For example, after answering the quiz with Paisley’s age, weight, breed, and other details, I could choose from various options of potential health concerns, such as preventing and eliminating fleas, managing anxiety, improving skin and coat health, boosting oral health, and improving mobility.

I also love that Fuzzy gives me access to

  • specialty foods (delicious and some aren’t even available in my local stores!)
  • fun toys (they keep Paisley’s body and brain in tip-top condition)
  • grooming tools (they keep Paisley looking good and feeling great)

Vet-Selected Products and Treats

Everything they sell is hand-picked by their vet team, so I know I’m giving my pet the best quality and safest products on the market.

After taking the quiz and speaking with one of their vets, I ordered Fuzzy shampoo and organic Paw Rescue.

Made with an anti-itch formula to relieve flaking and irritation, the shampoo is designed to improve skin and coat health with essential nutrients that hydrate the skin.

Their organic Paw Rescue offers a soothing and moisturizing aid to help restore Paisley’s paw pads, which can get a workout from all of her busy outdoor activities! Paw Rescue is also made with food-grade ingredients, so the balm is safe if Paisley licks it.

Paisley also tried organic baked Pumpkin Spice Mix treats made by Wild One, a specialty company that makes products and treats for dogs. Paisley loved them, and I really liked that they were made with organic pumpkin and healthy ginger.

Timely Pet Care, Trusted Advice

With safe and effective products delivered right to my door and online access to veterinarians, Fuzzy offers a great service to cat and dog owners.

The best part is that they actually care about your pet. Fuzzy offers me peace of mind and I'd recommend them to anyone with a pet!