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My Subscription Addiction

This is Why Little Spoon Has Earned My Trust

Nancy Paterson
ByNancy PatersonSep 13, 2022In Partnership With Little Spoon

Eat, sleep, poop - that’s basically all babies do, right? It sounds so simple but as many parents know, each one of those can present unique anxiety-inducing challenges. When the global supply chain crisis and Abbott factory closure led to nationwide formula shortages earlier this year, anger and guilt over being unable to continue breastfeeding resurfaced. Fortunately, for babies 6 months and older, there were solutions available and we’ve tried nearly all of them.

My daughter Gigi, now 12 months old, has been combo-fed (i.e. breast milk and formula) since birth and I stopped breastfeeding entirely when she was 5 months old due to low milk supply. Around the same time, we started her on solids and purees to keep up with her 90th percentile baby needs. And honestly, Little Spoon is the only food I have come to trust to keep my baby happy and well-fed. Here’s why.

High-quality, non-GMO ingredients with no artificial preservatives

I’m definitely not a food science expert or medical professional but there is one key thing I look for in determining what’s safe for Gigi, and that’s making sure there are no artificial preservatives. I look for either no preservatives added (shelf stability is achieved through pressure and heat) or natural preservatives like ascorbic acid (more commonly known as vitamin C). Little Spoon’s strict standards on ingredients have given me complete peace of mind.

Little Spoon’s babyblends are made with the highest quality ingredients, 100% organic and non-GMO. They use cold-pressure technology to kill harmful bacteria without the use of anything artificial. Their baby food is also Clean Label Project veritfied.

Their toddler and big kid Plates also use the highest quality ingredients sourced from trusted farmers and there are no artificial sugars, preservatives, additives, or dyes. Instead, the Plates are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and, like the babyblends and smoothies, they last 14 days in the fridge or up to 3 months in the freezer.

Meals made fresh weekly and delivered to your door

Since my husband and I both work full-time, it’s tough to prepare fresh food for Gigi. We hardly even cook for ourselves most of the time. To facilitate baby-led weaning, we offered Gigi a few steak pieces here, and some tofu blocks there but she was by and large being spoon-fed purees. Now that Gigi is more and more interested in finger foods and (clumsily) using her own utensils, I really wanted to shift her away from purees and Little Spoon has made it possible to ensure she has a nutritious balanced meal at every mealtime. Many of their Plates meals have soft, mashable and pinchable food that is perfect for transitioning to table foods.

We started with the Little Spoon babyblends and soon after tried the Plates as well. It’s so convenient to switch up your plan and get meals that are freshly made and shipped directly to you. Their Smoothies (in pouches) are also so fresh, delicious and have such great flavors for snacktime.

Having Little Spoon as an option has made being a parent so much easier and with all the time saved not prepping and cooking meals I can enjoy more quality bonding time with Gigi.

Delicious and healthy food that my daughter loves to eat

But it doesn’t matter how nutritious and convenient Little Spoon meals are if your baby doesn’t like them and thankfully, Gigi enjoys them so much she even reaches for them herself. The first we gave her was the Avocado Green Apple Broccoli Spirulina blend. Packed with nutrients and only 6 grams of (naturally occurring) sugar, the blend comes in a little plastic container with its own spoon that Gigi took to immediately. What’s more, Gigi liked it so much she independently dipped her spoon in for more.

The next one we tried was Farro Pizza Bites with Kale Pesto Green Beans. This plated meal is more toddler-appropriate and requires a minute in the microwave (or 8 minutes in the oven). The pizza bites and green beans didn’t come with their own utensils but were more easily eaten with her hands. The flavors were another hit with Gigi - she went back for more and more bites and even said “mmmm”.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried other fresh baby food subscriptions, like Yumi, and Gigi actually rejected nearly all of the meals from other brands. That’s why Little Spoon is the one that’s earned my trust with its high-quality ingredients, convenience and taste. The fact that Gigi can use Little Spoon for years is also a huge plus.  In a world of supply chain issues and formula shortages, I’m thankful for a nutritious fresh baby food and toddler/big kid option that my daughter will actually eat.