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My Subscription Addiction

This Is the Harness My Dog Trainer Recommends

Michelle Repak
ByMichelle RepakSep 12, 2022

Happy to share that my “walkie time” (my pet-talk term for walks… all dog owners do this, yes?) has drastically improved recently - and it’s due to Joyride harness. This product has made walks with my little 13-lb Brussels Griffon, Olive, an actual joy.

It all started a few weeks ago. As anyone with a Griffon could tell you, they are stubborn creatures. If Olive wants to go this way, we’re going this way. If Olive doesn’t want to walk, it’s time for her “Puppy Uber” (which is just me carrying her). Lately with the heat, she has been putting the brakes on extra hard.  “Putting the brakes on” is when she firmly plants all four paws and pulls backwards hard. She started doing this anytime there was a little tension in the leash.

As a dog mom, it was incredibly frustrating for me trying to get her to walk for exercise or even to join me on errands. I had to do something!

So I reached out to Olive’s trainer to see what she suggested. One of the first things she asked me was what type of harness I had her wearing. Somehow that never crossed my mind. After all, Olive’s harness seemed fine, or so I thought.

Getting to Know Joyride

My trainer suggested I try Joyride Harness because it’s been designed to discourage pulling and similar bad behavior. She also mentioned that one of the key features of the Joyride harness is its side-ring technology: basically, I’d attach Olive’s leash to the side ring and if she pulled away, it would force her to spin around toward me vs. yanking me forward.

This sounded like a game-changer in terms of disciplining Olive, but when I saw all the cute patterns and read the awesome online reviews, I was really sold!

The products arrived and Olive was SO excited to try them on - she loves receiving gifts. The patterns were super cute! Okay, maybe style isn’t the most important factor when ordering a dog harness, but being a social pup living in NYC… well, it’s not not important! I want her to look good and put her best paw forward when we’re out in Central Park or the city streets.  I ordered the harness in size small, the matching collar, leash, and poop bag holder in both pink camouflage and red with white hearts.

Easy On, Easy Off

First thing I noticed about the new harness is that it was larger than Olive’s previous harness. I was initially concerned but loved how easily it slid over her head. The previous harness was always a challenge to slide on and off her head; she never seemed comfortable when I was taking it off.

Joyride  also seems very durable and is incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for a small dog. The harness front is adjustable with a wide velcro strap, and the other strap goes under her belly with a buckle clasp. This strap is also adjustable. Another great feature is there are hooks a leash could attach to on the center of her back and either side.

A New Pep In Olive’s Step

While I was happy with the look and fit of the harness, the real joy of Joyride came when we took it to the streets.

Olive strutted out with a real pep to her step, and has not been putting on the brakes on any of our walks! Even better, she hasn’t been ordering any Puppy Ubers! I’m thrilled she is willing to walk and get her exercise.

I can’t believe I didn’t think to try a different harness option sooner. Thank goodness Olive’s trainer suggested the Joyride harness as it has truly made life as a dog mom so much better. Now I’m planning to order more patterns!