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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

This Delish Nutritional Solution Simplified My Super-Active Lifestyle

Jzotta Rolle
ByJzotta RolleOct 31, 2022In partnership with Athletic Greens

Being a coach and an athlete means I live an extremely active lifestyle!

In many aspects, this can be very taxing on my body. In order to feel my best, I’ve built a stack of healthy routines like increased hydration with added electrolytes, a nutrient-dense diet, and a bucket full of supplements.

But it started to feel like a very frustrating chore to keep up with my body’s needs and nutritional goals. In the past, I took at least 7-10 vitamin pills, a sports drink for hydration, and some other natural supplements for energy, recovery, immune support, and to deal with my digestive issues.

That is, until I found AG1 by Athletic Greens.

When I learned that AG1 supports gut health, which means my body can better absorb the nutrients I’m taking in, I was intrigued to try it out. The taste is amazing – a fruity, lightly sweet flavor– and I’m happy knowing that my nutritional bases are covered!

If you’re nodding along and struggling with the same complex routine, read on to learn how AG1 can simplify your morning routine and keep you feeling great.

An All-in-One Foundation to Your Health Stack

No matter how clean and balanced your diet, living active will always require some added support.

As someone with a super-busy lifestyle, I love that AG1 is a healthy habit that starts the momentum and makes it easier to stack other healthy habits after that. Because I've already started my day right, I'm able to continue making healthier choices all day long. I’m proud of myself for developing this  new "one minute" habit to nourish my body consistently. Once I'm finished taking AG1, the next thing I do is fill up my jug of water to ensure I stay hydrated all morning. I usually squeeze in a workout before starting work and I've noticed a ton more energy that lasts all day.

Let’s face it: when you’ve already started your day right, you’re much more motivated to keep it going and also eat healthier, hit the gym, and make other healthy choices. Whether you're hoping to improve your exercise recovery or just looking to support overall health, AG1 is the foundation that will help you choose healthier habits!

Better Digestion, Better Health

AG1 has 75 high-quality ingredients to cover your nutritional bases - from vitamins, to minerals, to phytonutrients and more. The pre- and probiotics in AG1 also work to support gut health, which means your body can better absorb the nutrients you’re taking in.

I started to drink AG1 as an added defense for my health, but soon discovered all the benefits it has to offer. The first thing I noticed is that my digestive issues started to fade away even on days when I had eaten fewer healthy vegetables. I don’t know about you but that’s a really big thing for me! Then I noticed the energy and mental clarity it provided!

If all of that wasn’t enough to sweep me off my feet, I noticed that I could leave the previous electrolyte sports drink I’d been drinking out of my routine and still feel hydrated.

Healthier Habits and Immune Support = Priceless

I’ve become a real convert thanks to AG1 nutritional drinks. I find myself reaching for AG1 first thing after waking up and have never felt better. Plus, by drinking AG1 every morning, I can ditch my old tedious supplement routine. And when I start my day right, it motivates me to keep up with positive healthy habits.

AG1 has become the foundation of my health stack. I just drink one scoop of AG1 and my body is completely armored and supplied for the day. It makes my diet much easier and stress-free. I can focus more on keeping up with and building even healthier habits.