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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Unofficial Shaving FAQ

Cristina Martinez
ByCristina MartinezAug 8, 2022In Partnership With Athena Club

Ahh, shaving. When done properly, it leads to soft, hairless, glowing skin. But, if you are using dull, low-quality razors? Razor burn, cuts, strawberry legs, and other literal irritations are in your future.

Full disclosure: I have always found shaving to be a pain. It’s boring, takes too long, and I always end up nicking myself. This is mainly because in the past I was less than selective with my razors and I ignore some really simple tips and tricks for a perfect shave. That’s until I discovered Athena Club.

Here’s why Athena Club was the answer to all my shaving questions:

Does the number of blades really matter?

I have used everything from single-blade razors to some wilder options with multiples. Athena has found the perfect balance of 5 blades and a super sharp edge that doesn’t dull quickly. Why 5 blades? Well, this number means fewer passes to remove hair and a much closer shave. This means smoother skin and less risk of cuts and irritation.

How often do I need to replace my razor blade?

I am a pretty hairy person. And I am either shaving all the time or waiting way too long and dealing with a lot of body hair. I have previously used razors that I thought were high quality, but after a leg and pit shave, the razor is dull and I end up having to throw it away or risk injury. With the cost of blades, this is frustrating and uneconomical. Athena blades stay sharper longer, and I have found I need about 2/month compared to my previous 4/month. And my bi-monthly blade refresh means I have a safer shave with less risk of nicks and burns.

What’s the best way to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs?

I have sensitive legs prone to razor burn and the dreaded strawberry leg. Over the years, I have learned that proper shaving cream can really improve these issues. Athena Club’s shave cream is thick, nourishing, and smells like roses! Star ingredients include aloe and oats, so expect soft and calm skin with a closer shave and a longer blade life. Follow your shave with Athena’s Dewy Body Lotion and your gorgeous stems have an extra boost of moisturization, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Do all razors have to look the same?

I like to feel good about my self-care and beauty products. And, often, this means I like admiring them in my shower, on my sink, or at my vanity. Athena Club razor handles come in 6 different colors (and a few limited editions too!) and all of the packaging is beautifully designed. No need to hide this brand under your sink, ever. Their Dewy Body Lotion and body wash both come in the prettiest bottles and with your choice of multiple fragrances. It is pretty impressive that this brand can get me excited about a can of shaving cream and razor refills and make the whole experience feel bespoke, just for me.

Does quality really mean paying more?

Online razors have a bad reputation for being expensive, but my experience with Athena Club has been anything but. I was spending about $4.50 per blade on my old (and much less effective) razor blades. Althena Club blades are $2.50 each on my current plan. And they just magically show up at my door exactly when I need them.

The Takeaway

My newest shaving obsession is Athena Club. It takes some of my favorite things (great design, beautiful scents, solid ingredients, and auto-delivery!) and makes my least favorite shower chore so much more enjoyable.

Athena Club was the answer to all my shaving questions and I think it’ll be yours too!