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My Subscription Addiction

The Ultimate T-Shirt Bra

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereAug 26, 2022In Partnership With Honeylove

We’ve all heard the elusive promise of the t-shirt bra: it’s supposed to be soft and smooth, but still supportive and also a little sexy. And before now, I pretty much thought it was the unicorn of the undergarment world... Until I found Honeylove.

Honeylove’s Crossover Bra is the ultimate T-Shirt Bra. And that is a hill I'm willing to die on.

Their secret is in the marriage between Honeylove’s signature material and seamless design. The Crossover Bra is under-wire free, which means I’m never worried about catching myself in the mirror with a huge under-wire bulge. It also feels like a second skin - It never digs into your skin and causes back rolls, so it’s always my go-to under tight T-shirts. Every bra they make is soft but structured and supportive, and so, so smooth.

My favorite thing about the Crossover Bra goes beyond functionality, though - the design is beautiful and sexy, so even though all you might see is the peek-a-boo crossover mesh, I still feel so sleek and put together under my outfit. Wearing a Crossover bra is like wearing lingerie under your everyday outfits, but without the lace and boning that shows through your shirts.

The only downside about Honeylove’s Crossover Bra is that it sells out constantly because it’s so popular. So, if you go to the site and you find the Crossover Bra in your size, get it quick before it sells out again!