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The Top 5 Shaving Sets for Women, According to Estheticians

Shaving may be no one's favorite chore, but these sets make it downright pleasant

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Oct 23, 2023Sponsored

As an esthetician with a love-hate relationship with shaving, I can't emphasize enough the importance of a good shaving kit. I have a not-so-ideal combination of concerns that makes it all the more important that I have a high-quality kit - my skin is sensitive, tends to dry out quickly, and my body hair is especially thick. 😵‍💫

Because of my background in skincare (and my utter obsession with beauty products) I have had the chance to try out a ton of different razors, shave gels, and shaving kits. And, well, I have some opinions!

Whether you share my skin woes or are just on the lookout for a great shaving experience, a thoughtfully assembled shaving kit is a necessity. Here is my tried and true proven list of the best 5 shaving sets you can buy right now.

1. Truly Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Set

What I love about Truly's products is that not only ensures a smooth and painless shave, it keeps my skin completely irritation-free. This 3-step kit, encompassing a pre-shave scrub, shave butter, after-shave oil, and a chic pink razor makes me feel like getting a luxury spa experience in my own bathroom. 🪒💆‍♀️

  • Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub ➪ this scrub preps kin, preventing ingrown hairs alongside the sharp razor
  • Happy Hairless Shave Butter ➪ this creamy butter outperforms traditional foamy gels, especially when used with the Truly Razor, yielding a smooth, close shave
  • Glazed Donut Shave Oil ➪ this final step imparts enduring moisture and a delightful scent, leaving skin blissfully smooth and calm

Not only is it process quick and easy, the products are packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, and passion fruit extract - it's no wonder my skin feels incredibly soft and healthy after each shave. From an esthetician's perspective, ingredients are literally everything, and this kit truly delivers. I also love that everything here is vegan and cruelty free.

This kit is currently on sale for $90 ($154.70 value) -  it also lasts me 2-3 months . Plus, all items arrive in a charming pink and purple pouch. So cute!

2. Billie: Ultimate Shave Set

I tried Billie Ultimate Shave Set ($37) back when the brand first launched, using it intermittently ever since. The routine, featuring an exfoliating buffer bar, whipped shave cream, and an exfoliating mist, simplifies smooth skin and hair-free skin.

Although I love the kit, especially the customizable razor handle color, my sensitive skin necessitates choosing between the exfoliating bar or mist to avoid redness or alternating them instead of combining them in the same shave.

Once a suitable schedule is found with these products, they’re a lot easier on the skin. Billie also provides an automatic razor refill subscription.

3. Venus: Gillette Venus For Pubic Hair And Skin Womens Shaving Kit

While this Venus shave kit ($44.99) is the only one on my list that explicitly mentions pubic hair, I believe the top-notch razors from other brands handle sensitive areas just as well, even if they don't highlight it.

This particular set offers a razor, cartridges, and shave gel. The standout feature? A skin serum tailored to ward off ingrown hairs and itching – a godsend for those intimate shaves. This one doesn’t seem to work as well on coarser leg and underarm hair, though, so it’s a bit more niche than the others.

4. Flamingo: Starter Set

Flamingo is another solid choice, especially if you want a paired-down, most affordable routine. This minimalist kit ($14) contains a razor handle, 2 cartridges, a shower holder, and a can of foaming shave gel. I would suggest pairing this with a body butter or some other kind of post-shave hydration to avoid ingrown hairs or razor burn.

Sure, there isn’t a lot of ‘extra’ happening here, but the blades are sharp, give me a smooth shave, and I enjoy the customization of selecting my own razor handle color.

4. Schick: Intuition Razors for Women Variety Pack

This final pick might not be a traditional kit, given its built-in shaving gel, yet it's undeniably worth noting. This Schick Intuition kit ($21.99) includes razor cartridges that feature an integrated moisturizing bar, softening and conditioning the skin during a shave. With various scents and formulas, you can tailor the experience to your liking.

This one is great for first time shavers (like teenage girls) or for women who are traveling, but it’s not the best option for more mature women with thicker body hair. I also found it to be hard to clean, and the moisturizer didn’t last very long.

Final Verdict: Truly Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Set

From this esthetician’s perspective, Truly shave products are more like essential skincare than mere shaving aids. I used to begrudgingly approach shaving, and I now genuinely look forward to it. It's less about the chore and more about pampering myself with these delightful, colorful, and wonderfully fragrant products.

If you're feeling a bit 'meh' about your current shaving products, I can't recommend the Truly kit enough. It's worth the splurge - it genuinely feels like a self-care treat with long-term skin benefits.