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My Subscription Addiction

The Top 3 Ekster Wallets I Want Under My Tree This Year

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsSep 19, 2023Sponsored

Surprise gifts are great for some. But when you’re a guy who knows what they want, sometimes it’s better to just say it. So, when my girlfriend asked me what I wanted this year, I immediately knew it had to be an Ekster Wallet. These sleek and highly functional smart wallets are the perfect gifts for all the stylish guys in your life.

I’d be happy to receive any Ekster wallet but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 choices. I gave my GF this list so it can still be a bit of a surprise which one I get:

Gift #1: Parliament Wallet

The Parliament Wallet is a premium smart wallet made out of the highest quality leather. It’s perfect for slim storage and easy and convenient card and cash access.

It comes with a built-in aluminum cardholder that, with the simple click of a button, fans out your cards and protects them against skimming and damage.

It holds up to 12 cards at a single time and your cash. It’s their best-seller and most popular wallet by far. It’s even already in the pockets of thousands and thousands of men out there!

Gift #2: Aluminum Card Holder

Ekster’s Aluminum Card Holder is one of the most popular accessories of 2022 and is definitely one of the most convenient wallet options out there. Similar to how the Parliament Wallet functions, you can check out all of your cards with a simple click of a button. The wallet fans out your cards for easy access and use.

Ekster’s Aluminum Card Holder comes in 10+ beautiful colors and allows you to keep a slim, but stylish profile while you’re on the move. It holds even more cards than the Parliament Wallet – up to 15!

With Ekster’s Aluminum Card Holder, you’ll finally be saying goodbye to your old, massive “Dad Wallet”.

Gift #3: Carbon Fiber Card Holder

The Carbon Fiber Card Holder is one of Ekster's sexiest products for sure. It’s made of 3K carbon fiber and built for pure convenience and quick card and cash access.

It’s available in 2 different colors: carbon fiber and carbon forged. Both offer a stunning, jaw-dropping design of a cardholder and offer an abundance of storage (1-15 cards and bills!).

The Carbon Fiber Card Holder is the strongest, yet lightest cardholder Ekster has to offer, so it’s no wonder that these are selling out as one of the hottest gifts of 2022.

Overall, Ekster Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Men

With so many different styles and designs from Ekster, you can easily find a wallet that fits any taste, preference, or needs your gift recipient has!

You can view the rest of the Ekster collection here to check out their entire selection of wallets, accessories and card holders.

Whether you're shopping for a gift for a loved one or for a personal gift, there’s no better option out there than Ekster - Happy Shopping!