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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Little Spoon Deal That Got Away – Don’t Miss This Second Shot at Savings

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoFeb 6, 2023In Partnership With Little Spoon

Fact: the resolutions I took on this year had me feeling overloaded and something had to give. I decided that being a short-order chef for my kids was the thing, and I’ve offloaded that task to Little Spoon. I feel good about it. There’s now nothing easier than prepping their lunches, and they get to eat the things they want. Now, Little Spoon is offering 50% off your first order of blends, plates, smoothies, or biteables for our MSA community! I was the fool who missed this sale by signing up ahead of time, but YOU, friend…you are the one who will learn from my mistake by signing up with the epic discount. You have until 2/19 to cash in on amazing, veggie-filled baby and kid food for cheap—just click the red link below to do it.

The Time To Take 1 Thing Off Your Plate Is Now

Maybe you’re superwoman and can conjure up the perfect kid-friendly meal that checks all the boxes of protein, fat, and fiber by way of fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Or maybe you’re like me and you could use a hand. Here’s what I love about Little Spoon meals:

  • Their organic baby food is made fresh and cold-pressed to retain the most amount of nutrients possible.
  • These Babyblends range from single-ingredient smooth purees for introducing solids, to textured multi-ingredient recipes for exploring new flavors.
  • Their Plates for toddlers and kids are kind of like “kid food” with tots and nuggets, but they’re packed with hidden veggies.
  • There are no preservatives, there’s nothing artificial in there, and the meals are low-sodium.
  • Their Smoothies—aka pouches—are filled with superfoods and good for all ages. Including a hungry mum!
  • All delivered to your door every 2 weeks.

Listen, if you’re on the fence, this 50% off deal is the perfect chance to just give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, you can cancel it, and by then your kids will have developed a core memory of the best 2 weeks of meals of their life—you’ll have won either way. This deal is only good through February 19, 2023, so act now before you forget!

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