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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Kids’ Clothing Subscription I Wish Came in My Size – Why I’m All Over Dopple

Andrea Hawken
ByAndrea HawkenAug 15, 2022In Partnership With Dopple

Truth: my kids are more stylish than I am.

And, okay, I was just about to declare that I wouldn’t have it any other way, but honestly, I do find myself wishing their clothes came in my size. Too bad they only carry sizes newborn to 14.

Not just because I think wearing matching outfits with them is cute (I’ll never miss an opportunity as long as they let me), but because the clothes they wear—mostly from Dopple—are genuinely so quality. The colors and textures are the best. The balance of playful patterns and a high level of design: chef’s kiss!

The Deal With Dopple

There’s so much I love about Dopple, but at the top of the list are 1) adorable clothing for 30% off retail prices and 2) a stylist handpicks items for you based on your kids’ style, your budget, the season, and more.

As you’re filling out the style quiz, you can also include social media links for your stylist can take a peek at what your kids are already wearing, or leave a note with special requests. I mentioned that my daughter, Anya, likes pockets.

You choose how many items you want to receive and only keep what works for your child. Shipping and returns are free. There is a $10 styling fee per child but you are credited that amount toward anything you’d like to keep. If you decide to keep everything, you get an additional 25% off your order.

Dopple will never send you another Drop unless you request it, so you don’t have to worry about any getting any unwanted packages.

My Love Note to Dopple

My favorite time to request a Drop is before traveling. I usually spend a lot of time finding fun pieces for them before a trip so that their photo albums will be filled with photos of them looking nice. (Yes, I’d say I probably spend more time and energy thinking about their clothing than the average parent.)

My only complaint is that I don’t get to wear the clothes.

My personal style is classic and timeless, but lately, I haven’t been shying away from color (especially reds and blues) and I’ve been flirting with patterns. Does that not perfectly describe how my daughter Anya looks in her polka-dot dress?

As far as kids’ brands go, Los Angeles brand Nico Nico is a long-time favorite. I love the unique colors and textures of the clothing. I love the fit and the playfulness. I also love the Barcelona brand Bobo Choses for the same reason, it’s playful and colorful but has a high level of design.

The blue patterned swimsuits my kids are wearing here? Totally my style, would fit perfectly in my wardrobe, would be wearing it right now if I could, with my Beatrice Valenzuela slides and Agnes Badoo sac.

Dopple Makes My Life Better & Easier

I’m a mix of a lot of things as a parent. I’m a playful parent, who teases a lot. I’m also a very loving and physically affectionate parent. I like to find ways to always have adventures with my children, and opportunities to learn and be in nature.

The clothes my kids wear are a reflection of all these things.

An elevated kids’ styling service like this makes it possible for me to dress my three in clothing that is fun, thoughtful, and a reflection of who we are. It also affords me extra time to spend with them while someone else is doing the shopping.

Do you love curating an expressive wardrobe for your kids? It’s so amazingly easy with Dopple. But, be warned: you might love it all.