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My Subscription Addiction

The Java Junkie’s Guide to Leaving the Caffeine Jitters Behind

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoJan 17, 2023In Partnership With Everyday Dose

In the name of health and wellness, I’m making the conscious effort to cut back on caffeine and take back the power it has over my body. Thankfully, I came across Everyday Dose and it’s making the transition easier. Everyday Dose actually tastes like coffee and has other beneficial ingredients such as lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms, as well as collagen and L-theanine to make your morning cup of joe your most nutrient-dense beverage of the day.

Here’s how Everyday Dose is going to help me — and you — leave the caffeine jitters and crash behind:

The optimal dose of low-acidity caffeine promotes gut health

Although everyone has a different tolerance, the amount of caffeine in a single cup of joe is enough to raise your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which is why it causes anxiety, jitters, and can mess up your sleep quality. On top of that, regular coffee is highly acidic, which weakens the lining of your digestive system and messes up your microbiome. This can lead to uncomfortable or embarrassing gut issues short term - and much more serious conditions long term.

Unlike regular coffee, Everyday Dose contains low-acidity organic coffee extract for great taste and the optimal dose (39mg) of caffeine to give you the proper boost of energy without stomach irritation. Every batch is also tested to be free of mold, pesticides, and herbicides, so you aren’t putting any nasty hidden chemicals in your body. Plus, the added collagen and Lion’s Mane actually help repair and strengthen your gut so you feel amazing. If you compare other coffees to Everyday Dose, you are getting more than triple the amount of caffeine, which is probably why you get jittery from the first sip and crash almost instantly right after, prompting you to get yet another cup.

Actually lowers your anxiety and eliminates the crash

Drinking coffee is like Russian Roulette — you never know when your morning cup will send you spiraling into an anxious mess or if it’ll make you crash. And if you drink it past a certain time, you’re almost guaranteed terrible sleep. One ingredient that Everyday Dose has that will help with all of these is L-theanine. Mainly found in tea leaves and some mushrooms, this amino acid supports wakeful relaxation, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep quality. It has a powerful synergy with the small amount of caffeine to help you tap into your flow state and maintain smooth, focused energy— which is the complete opposite of normal coffee. It then gently lets you back down, completely eliminating the crash once the caffeine has run through your system.

Lion's mane for laser focus and increased productivity

One of the main reasons — if not the only one — that most people drink coffee is that they need to be wide awake to kick off their day or need to focus on whatever tasks they need to tackle. But again, this can be a terrible idea because normal coffee triggers your body’s natural “fight or flight” response, making you anxious, irritable, and unproductive. Not only that, but it only lasts a short amount of time, leaving you exhausted and foggy… which defeats the whole purpose. Everyday Dose, however, contains lion’s mane mushroom (double-extracted to make sure all the important compounds are easily absorbed) to help you focus on your tasks, as well as provide support for nerve regeneration and memory. Dubbed the brain’s BFF, it will also improve your memory long term… Oh, and it’s 100 percent organic.

Balanced nutrients to support overall better health

A little caffeine has been proven to have its benefits such as better production of glucose and less likelihood to develop heart failure, but too much can wreak havoc on your body. However, Everyday Dose contains the right amount of caffeine plus other ingredients such as Chaga mushrooms that will boost immunity and reduce inflammation (something caffeine is known to cause), as well as collagen to promote healthier skin, nails, hair, joints, and bones. Other coffees certainly don’t have those properties. On top of that, Everyday Dose is tested for purity and potency, and is always free of gluten, added sweeteners, dairy, and nuts as well as being non-GMO, Kosher, Paleo, and Keto friendly — making this perfect for pretty much everyone.

The Takeaway

So if you’re ready to kick your detrimental caffeine habit, you might want to give Everyday Dose a try. You'll get all the benefits and effects of coffee without any of the downsides. It’s super easy to make, and tastes just like normal coffee, but has so many more added benefits! I can now ease into my day without worrying about caffeine jitters ruining my morning!