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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Handy Guide: Kinder Beauty vs. IPSY vs. BoxyCharm

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Sep 29, 2022In Partnership With Kinder Beauty Box

You could say I’m something of a beauty box expert. Over the last few years I’ve opened hundreds and love that each box has its own vibe.

When I think of the big beauty players, my top three callouts are easily BoxyCharm ($27.99/month), IPSY Plus ($28/month), and Kinder Beauty Box.  ($26/month).

Since they cost about the same each month and are all in the beauty subscription realm, it can be hard to decide which is right for you without a little extra info. Here's a handy comparison guide.

If you want clean beauty products…Kinder

Along with being more brand-conscious, we also know and care more about ingredients than we did a few years ago. Kinder easily wins this category. Everything inside the Kinder box is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and heavily vetted for a long list of icky ingredients that just aren’t great for you or your skin.

And, sure, you can find some products in both BoxyCharm and IPSY that follow these guidelines, but Kinder’s strict curations (delivered in their eco-friendly boxes!) mean you never have to spend your time translating an ingredient list or sourcing your products’ origins.

If you want to help protect the environment… Kinder

I mentioned eco-friendly boxes above and in terms of the individual product packaging and commitment to protecting our environment, Kinder truly deserves five stars. Kinder uses 100% recycled materials that are both biodegradable and compostable, the packing materials inside the box are made from 100% recycled materials, and even the ink used to print their boxes is an eco-friendly, soy-based ink. As someone who hates waste, I think this is super impressive!

If you want to discover new brands… Kinder

One of the best elements of my Kinder box has been the smaller and independent brands I find inside. Sure, I love finding hype brands in my boxes occasionally, but as my experiences with beauty and skincare products have evolved, so has my happiness with so many amazing yet lesser-known brands that have quickly become my favorites. You can feel the passion behind them in a way that is missing from the larger and arguably more corporate and highly marketed brands. And who doesn’t want to pull out that amazing cream or lip balm from your purse that no one else has?

If you want to fully customize your box…IPSY

BoxyCharm allows for a couple of customizations per month within a short window but IPSY really takes the cake for customizations. You can select 3 out of 5 of your monthly products within the customization window. Kinder does not offer customizations but instead focuses on a smart selection of products that span makeup, beauty, and skincare. While I look forward to customizing my BoxyCharm and IPSY each month, I have yet to be disappointed by letting Kinder do that work for me.  That said, I've heard rumors swirling that early next year (2023) Kinder plans on rolling out a brand-new customization feature for their boxes, putting subscribers in the driver’s seat. I'll be keeping an ear to the ground for any official announcements from Kinder confirming this.

If you want to give back… Kinder

Selecting products and brands that are good for me – and good for the world – is a huge part of my purchasing decision. I love that Kinder’s founders not only have a passion for curating ethical beauty products but that they donate to two charities every month: PCRM (leaders in animal testing legislation and innovation) and Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. Kinder is a subscription you can feel great about.

My overall pick…Kinder Beauty Box

Right now I am in a beauty mode of minimalism and conscious curation. I love that Kinder has already done the hard work of selecting high-quality products that are good for both me and the planet.

I love the passion for animal welfare and appreciation for clean ingredients that obviously influence each item that ends up inside a Kinder box. And while I do still adore IPSY Plus and BoxyCharm, I have to admit that Kinder is the beauty box I look forward to seeing in my mailbox the most each month.

If you’re looking to add a thoughtful beauty box to your monthly deliveries – or simply looking for a truly wonderful alternative to the bigger boxes – I can’t imagine you being disappointed with Kinder Beauty Box.