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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Guy’s Guide to Great Hair

Kyle Hart
ByKyle HartMay 31, 2023

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My genetics graced me with pretty good hair–but it’s naturally fine and pretty thin, which means it lays flat against my head and gets oily fast. After a friend recommended I try Prose, I dove down the haircare rabbit hole, armed with some top tips for former hair care novices like myself.

Rule #1: Understand Your Hair is Completely Unique

If my hair tends to get oily, and my buddy’s hair is super dry, how can the same product be a great fit for us both?

Unique hair requires custom care, and Prose is all about personalization. Why settle for one-size-fits-all, when you can have products designed just for you?

Rule #2: The Right Formulation Goes Beyond Just Dry vs. Oily

I live in the Northeast along the coast where it’s humid and sunny in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. My hair needs would be a lot different if I had to battle the hard water of Miami or the dry heat of the Arizona desert, which makes Prose an essential product for me.

Rule #3: Break Out of Your Product Comfort Zone with Dry Shampoo, Scalp Masks, and Supplements

There’s a lot more to haircare than your everyday shampoo and conditioner. Thanks to Prose, I discovered some great supplemental products that I didn’t even know I needed, like dry shampoo, scalp masks, and hair supplements.

Rule #4: Make Sure You Never Run Out of The Good Stuff–Enroll in a Subscription Service to Get Your Products on Time

While I’m pretty good about making sure I never miss a workout, I’m not always great at remembering to reload my shampoo when I’m running low.

Prose’s subscription service delivers tailor-made products on schedule, so you can enjoy the results of consistent haircare made specifically for you (plus, you get 15% off and free shipping for every order!)

The Takeaway... Try Prose

Ready to up your hair game, too? If you only pay attention to one of my tips, make it this one: start your journey with the Prose consultation today!