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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Greatest Holiday Purchase I Ever Made

Michelle Schmidt
ByMichelle SchmidtDec 16, 2022In Partnership With Tovala

Growing up, my family was big on holiday shopping, and I've gotten more into it myself recently. As such, I've taken advantage of a lot of holiday deals over the years, from small knick knacks to larger appliances. Here’s what I’ve learned: some deals are truly better than others. There are things I’ve bought in the past that were less-than-stellar. But.. there were also things I bought that I wish I’d known about sooner!

Still, the greatest holiday purchase I ever made is my Tovala Smart Oven. It’s by far my favorite purchase to date, and here are a few reasons why.

It’s A Jack-Of-All-Trades Appliance. I Use This Oven For Everything!

Since getting my Tovala Smart Oven, it has quickly become a staple appliance in my kitchen. I use it to cook everything, from meats to veggies to desserts.

With hundreds of cooking presets, I’ve used this smart oven to steam, toast, air fry, bake, broil, and reheat so many different food items. For example, I made roasted Brussels sprouts, baked potatoes, and cajun-spiced salmon for dinner one night, all using this oven. And, each dish came out just right. Not underdone, not overcooked.

I also like that the Tovala Smart Oven comes with an app that provides lots of recipes and cooking tips, which pairs nicely with the oven for one-touch cook functionality to help make sure any of the tried recipes is cooked well every time.

Too Busy to Cook? Think Again.

For all the busy professionals and others who find cooking to be a chore, Tovala’s chef-prepared meal subscription changes the script.

Designed to make healthy eating and convenient cooking even easier, this subscription sends weekly meals prepared by professional chefs. While you don’t need to have this subscription to use the smart oven, I subscribed to the meals the first week I got my oven because I knew I would have a busy week ahead. I love that I can just pop in a dish and let my oven figure out how to cook it right without any guesswork on my part. This was great especially on long workdays where my brain already feels fried.

The verdict? I was surprised at how delicious the meals actually tasted. Keep in mind that most meal subscriptions I’ve tried in the past came frozen; these came fresh. This really made a difference because certain frozen foods, especially veggies, can be mushy when reheated (which I really don’t like). In contrast, I thought Tovala's meals had both great texture and flavors. The veggies still had a soft crunch, while the meats were moist and cooked through after reheating.

But my favorite part was preptime less than 1 minute, and I could scan the QR code in the meals directly so the oven knew the right cooking setting and length of time. The result? Perfectly cooked meals in 20 minutes (and oftentimes less)! I’ve never had such an easy time cooking meals!

Smart Oven on a Budget

Usually priced at $299, the Tovala Smart Oven packs a punch of useful features. For example, the Tovala IQ technology also means that the oven can switch between the different cooking functions automatically.

The Tovala Smart Oven is also the only oven that can automatically cook any food perfectly by scanning a barcode of over 1000+ grocery items to determine the perfect cooking setting for each one. This has saved me so much time in the kitchen.

For example, I bought frozen butter chicken from Trader Joe’s and my smart oven was able to scan it and automatically and turn on the right cooking setting. I mean seriously, it’s so much better (and faster) than having to Google “oven temperature for baking sweet potatoes” or “how long to cook chicken in the oven.” Plus, I love that this oven has WiFi connectivity, which means I can use the app on my phone to start the cooking process at any time!

And now, you can get the Tovala Oven for just $99, which is a whopping $200 off!