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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Fitness App That’s Helping Me Reach My Wellness Goals in 2023

Karen Howell
ByKaren HowellJan 17, 2023In partnership with obé Fitness

Toward the end of 2022, I started working a full-time office job after being a stay-at-home mom for nine years. I went from being active and moving throughout the day to sitting at a desk for eight hours.

And my body began to protest.

I woke up achy, felt sluggish by the afternoon, and had zero energy for my kids in the evening.

I knew something had to change in 2023, and that’s when obé Fitness entered the chat.

Fun, uplifting workouts that don’t feel like work

 I’ve tried a lot of home workouts over the years, from free YouTube videos to paid fitness apps, but I didn’t stick with them for very long. Those workouts just felt a little too much like “work,” if you know what I mean.

I’d seen obé’s bright colors and fun workouts on social media, but the skeptic in me wondered how it could be any different from all the other fitness apps out there. Turns out, obé is just the change I need in 2023. The instructors are fun and motivating, the workouts are effective, and I’m actually excited to work out every day.

10-minute express classes to build healthy habits

In the past, the old me just wouldn’t work out if I didn’t have time for a long, hard, sweaty session. But the new me will cue up one of obé’s 10-minute express classes because now I know that being consistent is the way to build healthy habits. And just because the workouts are short doesn’t mean they’re not effective! (Just ask me about the 10-minute sculpt core class I took yesterday with Marissa I. My abs hurt so good!)

Over 10,000 classes to choose from so I’m never bored

I used to be that person constantly checking the clock during a workout, hoping the class would finish. But with obé, I find myself at the end of a session, surprised it’s already over! Their instructors are fun and entertaining without being annoying, which makes the workouts so much more enjoyable than other apps I’ve tried.

obé has a ton of classes (more than 10,000!) of all different types. It offers live and on-demand classes across 20+ class types, including Dance, HIIT, Boxing, Strength, Power, Sculpt, Pilates, Bounce, Yoga, and Barre so I can always find a workout to fit my mood, schedule, and fitness level.

And the bright colors the instructors wear? It’s an extra boost of happiness I didn’t know I needed. (They’ve even inspired me to replace my usual black workout clothes with colorful ones!)

New Year, new approach to fitness

I used to focus on working out to lose weight, and I’d end up discouraged when my body didn’t look the way I wanted it to. What really drew me to obé is their approach to fitness: that how you feel is more important than how you look.

So this year, I’m working out to feel better, manage stress, and boost my mood. I still want to lose weight, but it’ll be a bonus rather than the goal. And thanks to obé, I know I can do it.