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The Earthling Co. Is Here for Your Low-Waste Gifting Needs

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoNov 28, 2022In Partnership With The Earthling Co.

Editor’s Note: Everyone’s catching on to avoiding aerosol dry shampoo, and my favorite powder dry shampoo is right here.


What types of products does The Earthling Co. carry?

We can’t stop talking about The Earthling Co.’s shampoo and conditioner bars, and we love a good sisal bag to pop our bar of soap in to scrub our bodies. But these guys can also stock up your kitchen with all the soaps and scrubbers you need, and your bathroom with low waste swaps like wooden soap dishes and bamboo toothbrushes. In other words, they set you up to clean and scrub your body and home in an Earth-friendly way!

How do you use shampoo & conditioner bars?

Shampoo and conditioner bars are super easy to use. Some people like to rub the bars directly onto their hair, work up a bubbly lather, then rinse out. Others like to create a lather in their hands like they would a bar of soap, and apply their The Earthling Co. shampoo and conditioner by finger-combing it through their locks. Note that their conditioner bar is safe to rub directly onto your scalp if you so choose.

Who would The Earthling Co. be a good gift for?

The short answer is literally anyone. The longer answer is:

  • These bars make an awesome stocking stuffer or package topper, AKA a special, beautiful, thoughtful item among other gifts for the people closest to you.
  • Folks in your life for whom small gifts make sense, like your neighbors or your kids’ teachers.
  • That coworker you teamed up with to convince your office manager to stock the shared kitchen with real silverware. #plasticfree
  • Your partner, and then you get to use them too!
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