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The Busy Woman’s Guide to Healthcare: How the Tia Clinic in LA Meets All My Needs

lauren Way
Bylauren WaySep 8, 2022In Partnership With Tia

I like to consider myself a pretty healthy person. I make (mostly) good food choices regularly, work out /do yoga multiple times a week, and have started to truly prioritize my mental health after the last few years. As I have started getting older, I am proud that my approach to overall wellness has really evolved. Do you know what hasn’t? Seeing my doctor. Seeking a visit for any manner of concerns comes with weeks of waiting just to get my foot in the door and the dreaded unknown of how much my bill will be (even with insurance) is enough to cause my heart rate to increase. The stress and aggravation of simply attempting to see my doctor has made me put off actually seeing my doctor regularly. In 2022, don’t I deserve better?

Well, yeah, we all do. And I discovered that The Tia Clinic made seeing a doctor not only easy but turned a dreaded visit into what felt almost like a spa trip. Here is how I prioritize my wellness without sacrificing my busy life.

Tia’s Whole Woman, Whole Life Approach

My Tia visit was beautifully multifaceted. Previous doctors focused on one part or one single issue, whereas at Tia I was a whole person rather than just a patient. My health became a conversation instead of some sterile abstract concept and I felt wildly empowered to advocate for myself with a team that truly heard me.

Tia isn’t just here for your pap smear. And while they do make gyno appointments a lot less stressful, they also offer mental health services, primary care visits, and wellness services including acupuncture, cupping, and massage. Even better? Your care team is all on the same page. Your doctor, mental health therapist, and acupuncturist share medical records, clinical notes, and care plans, ensuring that you're getting coordinated care for your physical, mental, and reproductive health.

During my visit, my physician recommended an acupuncture session to help with my back pain and my Care Coordinator helped me get that scheduled the same week. Centralizing all of my care providers under one roof saves me time and money. And if you are on the go like I am, you know that is pretty much priceless.

Visiting Tia is Enjoyable, Accessible, and Inclusive

It’s the ease of booking an appointment that first attracted me to Tia. Who hasn’t waited weeks or even months to see their doctor? When you have a medical question or something unknown and scary, that wait can feel unbearable. And with Tia, this anxiety is a thing of the past.

Once you arrive at Tia Clinic in Los Angeles, you can tell that thought has been put into every single detail related to your experience. This is apparent everywhere inside their office, from the beautiful waiting room with comfy couches to the inclusive bathrooms. I chose a book from the generously stocked shelves and decided to wait outside with a seltzer on their sunny plant-filled deck for my appointment.

When it was time for my visit, I found every Tia team member I encountered to be incredibly kind and sensitive to my needs. No one made me feel rushed or in a hurry. At Tia, no detail is too small. From culturally and trauma-informed care providers to comfy custom gowns, to high-touch care coordination, the Tia experience makes women feel, seen, heard, and cared for.

If you can’t pop in for an in-person visit, Tia members have any-time access to care with unlimited messaging, care coordinators who make sure you get the things you need like your Rx and appointment follow-ups, and access to educational and community events.

Tia has Transparent Pricing

Unlike most next-gen healthcare companies, Tia actually takes insurance for their services and helps you put your insurance to work so you can get benefits you're entitled to like a covered annual exam. In typical Tia fashion, this is a service that doesn’t want to leave you stressed about any surprise bills popping up in the mail after your visit. That means less stress, no bill-chasing, and literal experts that have your back when it comes to those dreaded and confusing forms.

The Tia Care Coordination team is at your disposal for filing claims with your own insurance, and for those who don't have insurance, Tia makes their pricing transparent with a published price list (good luck finding that at other places).

I’m a Tia Believer

It’s 2022. And healthcare should be an experience that leaves you feeling knowledgeable about your own body and empowered to feel your best! Tia is that game changer in women’s healthcare that we have all been waiting for. Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, and understood, regardless of where we are from, our pronouns, or our medical needs. And I personally can’t recommend you try a Tia membership enough.