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The Best Headshavers Ranked by Your Favorite Bald Guy

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsJul 14, 2023In Partnership With Freebird

Once upon a time, there was a man named Ted. Ted had been fighting a losing battle with his receding hairline for years. He tried all sorts of remedies to save his hair, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, he decided to embrace his baldness and shave his head. After a first attempt with a traditional razor left his head covered in scrapes and tiny cuts, Ted realized he could do better.

Spoiler alert: I am Ted. And I have made it my quest to find the best razor for the safest and cleanest shave. Save yourself the struggle and embrace your smooth skull with my recommendations.

5. Braun

Braun has a few different types of electric razors that would certainly work for shaving your dome. If you are looking for variety, this is absolutely a brand to check out. As someone who doesn’t want a million options to wade through though, I found the Braun selection overwhelming. I didn’t want to choose between multiple handles and razor head types. I also noticed that their handles didn’t feel very ergonomic (which is even more important when you are blindly shaving the back of your noggin).

4. Philips Norelco

My shave with this brand was decent enough, but nothing that blew my socks off. They offer rotary blades as well as a more traditional trimmer sort of shaver. Again, compared to the other shavers on my list below (patience, we are getting there!) I found these shavers clunky and awkward to hold because of their handle design. It was hard to keep the right handle on my head to get a close shave. All in all, I knew I could find better.

3. Skull Shaver

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff. The sort of razor/shaver you use on your head needs to be designed for use on your skull. This is a hill I will die on! The design of Skull Shaver allows you to cup the device in your palm and circle it over your head in a way that gives you a great shave and reduces the risk of injury or mishap and the rotary blades are sharp and effective, even on the most stubborn hairs.

2. Groomie

The Groomie's BaldiePro Headshaver is a true game-changer, offering a shave comparable to that of a razor finish! They also offer a blade subscription service so say goodbye to last-minute dashes to the store and hello to fresh blades delivered straight to your door, ensuring you never run out. Just like the Skull Shaver, the BaldiePro fits snuggly in your palm, providing a comfortable and controlled shaving experience. But Groomie's shaver takes it a step further! It offers a touch more comfort on the scalp, allowing you to navigate the contours of your head effortlessly. What's more, it proves to be kinder on the wallet as well...

1. Freebird

After the glowing commentary on Groomie, does it get any better? Yeah, it does. Freebird is by far my favorite shaver, and I consider it perfect for beginners and veterans alike. I get a full head shave in around 2 minutes and thanks to its ScalpSafe Technology, I never have to worry about irritation or injury. My waterproof Freebird can be used wet or dry and it is cordless and rechargeable. It is by far the most comprehensive brand on this list with its various accessories, shave tools, and products that make the whole system seamless and a pleasure to use. My head has never been smoother or felt better. Still on the fence? Freebird has a 30-day trial and a money-back guarantee that you will have the best shave of your life.


When I finally decided to shave my head, I was looking forward to how low-maintenance my daily routine would become. When you have a bald head, there's no need to worry about bad hair days or spending time styling your hair. And, after a little experimentation, I found this to be absolutely true. The secret is the right shaver, and if you value a speedy, safe, and aesthetic shave, I recommend you add a Freebird to your cart ASAP.