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My Subscription Addiction

The 5 People in Your Life that Caraway Minis are the Perfect Gift For

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 23, 2022In Partnership With Caraway

One thing you should know about me is that I’ve never been a great holiday gift giver. Gift receiver? Yes. But gift giver? No. However, I found the perfect gift this year that I think will win me points with many people in my life this holiday season: the new Caraway Minis Duo. Even better - Caraway is currently have a sale... which they never do. If you’re struggling trying to figure out what to get different people on your list like I was, here are some people that Caraway is an excellent choice for (although I must say, I don’t think anyone would be mad to get these as a gift). Be warned though, since they never go on sale, everything is selling out quickly. If I were you I'd act fast!

1. The aspiring chef

While Caraway is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, I think these minis are also a great gift for a budding chef. The smaller sizes make trying different recipes less daunting and they’re perfect for smaller portions before you feel comfortable cooking for bigger groups. Plus, like all Caraway cookware, they have the signature non-toxic and non-stick surface that’s friendly for cooking and makes clean-up SO easy. The minis come in Caraway’s six signature colors and have the same beautiful aesthetic as the original cookware, so the new chef in your life will look forward to breaking these out.

2. The person who lives alone

I live alone, and my one gripe about Caraway (if I’m pressed to select something) was that the pots and pans can be a bit too big if I’m only cooking food for myself. However, the new minis solve this issue. The 7-inch frying pan and 1.75 QT sauce pan are the ideal size for any meals I make for just me, for reheating leftovers, or for making side dishes if I’m cooking a bigger meal for friends.

3. The person with a small kitchen

As someone that lives in New York City, I can very much relate to not having enough space in your kitchen to store many pots & pans, let alone large ones. The small size of these Caraway minis, as mentioned above, allows them to fit perfectly into my cabinets (or I can even leave them on my stove–their sleek design really elevates your kitchen aesthetic).

The Minis Duo includes a saucepan and a frying pan, and they work on all stove types & in ovens, so it’s really the only two pieces of cookware you need. My kitchen feels way cleaner, simpler, and prettier since I got this set. Give the gift of organization, beauty, and practicality to the person in your life with a small kitchen.

4. The person who loves to chase trends

Since launching in 2019, Caraway has sold out of its cookware and bakeware  countless times, and each new product launch is met with a huge amount of anticipation, excitement, and demand. As always, Caraway delivered with this mini set. Impress the person in your life that loves to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, or is always on the hunt for the newest/trendiest item by giving them the new Caraway mini set.

5. The egg lover

Hear me out with this one: no one likes making eggs in a pan that is too big. The scramble isn’t going to be as fluffy, the omelet isn’t going to fold as easily, or the fried egg won’t hold as well if the pan is too big. Although I love my Caraway cookware, on more than one occasion I broke out one of my older smaller frying pans to make eggs in (and then would be annoyed by the decision when it came time to clean up).

The Caraway mini frying pan is making all of my brunch-cooking dreams come true, clocking in at the perfect size for my sauteed vegetable omelet. Buy this for the person in your life that loves to cook any egg dish at any time of day! Another person in your life who would love this: the egg & Succession lover…because “you can’t make a Tomlet without breaking some Gregs.” (And something tells me Greg would be into the Caraway minis).

An added bonus gift for all these people in your life? Caraway’s pot holders, which completes the perfect gift set. (Pro tip: you can use them as a stylish trivet to add color to your table setting).