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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Tea Time, Me Time: Here’s How I’m Unlocking My Best Self in 2023

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunFeb 14, 2023In Partnership With Art Of Tea

It’s decided: 2023 will be my year. I finally want to prioritize myself by putting my health & happiness above everything else.

To start, I’m implementing some feel-good habits. I’m indulging in slower mornings, exercising, trying to meditate before bed, and ditching my coffee habit, opting for tea instead. I’m also making sure to power down my laptop at a reasonable time and relish in things that I love, like spending time outdoors or reading a good book.

Thanks to my refreshed daily rituals, I can already feel positive changes in my life, and I plan to continue this trend throughout the year.

Starting The Year Off Right

Setting (and breaking) resolutions is common, but this year, I’m really motivated to stick to them.  I know I don’t want to lose momentum, and so far, I’ve been successful. The key is setting up small, attainable daily habits that eventually find their way into my routine.

Starting my day with Art of Tea’s Bright Eyed Tea from the Wellness Collection has been the perfect jumping-off point for me. I make myself a hot cup of this caffeine-free turmeric ginger tea each morning in place of a cup of coffee, and it energizes me for my morning movement session.

To further embrace my personal reset, I’ve started enjoying Happy Tea in the afternoons. Green tea gives me a calm, focused energy without the jitters, and this blend of organic jasmine green tea, apple bits, and hibiscus is as delicious as it sounds. It’s light and uplifting, perfect when the afternoon slump starts to hit.

Taking Time By Myself, For Myself

In the past, I’ve often said “yes” to every opportunity, every work demand, every social outing… you name it. While I don’t mind showing up for others, never giving time back to myself was taking a toll on me. For 2023, I’m setting aside time for myself every single day.

Most days that means setting my phone aside, brewing myself a cup of Soothe tea, and enjoying the feeling of a warm mug in my hand as I appreciate the view outside my window.

Investing in High-Quality Products

Relishing the finer things in life, like taking myself out for a nice meal, is also top-of-mind. Some of my favorite ways I’ve treated myself so far include buying goods that make me happy, like Capri Blue Volcano candles–the delightful scent and high-quality jar feel so luxe–and Wellness Tea Bundles from Art of Tea.

Knowing that I’m sipping teas made from organic, natural ingredients that are ethically grown is the best feeling. Plus, the gorgeous tins that double as countertop decor make “just for me” moments feel even more special.

Continuing My Calming Habits and Routines Throughout 2023

I’ve found the key to unlocking my best self: making the process fun and the outcome rewarding. Treating myself to things that make me feel good has finally helped me build habits that stick. I’m really looking forward to prioritizing myself, whether it’s taking myself out to a nice sushi dinner, splurging on a cute new workout set, or sipping on organic teas from Art of Tea.