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My Subscription Addiction

Survive Cuffing Season with This Body Pillow

Naomi Pandolfi
ByNaomi PandolfiNov 3, 2022In partnership with Bearaby

Cuffing season has arrived, and that means winter is coming. I waited too long and lost the chance to cuff myself a husky man this time around, which will definitely lower my coziness level. Then I discovered that Bearaby, the brand from the amazing minds behind the bestselling Napper weighted blanket, launched their latest invention in sleep luxury: the Cuddler.

It soothes your pain points

If you don’t know, the Cuddler is an extra-long cylindrical body pillow that can be bent and twisted into different sleeping and lounging positions. It’s made with plant-based Melofoam and is perfect for back, neck, and hip pain. Now, you might say, “Naomi, you’re a spry young woman. Why do you need a pillow for neck, back, and hip pain?” Let me tell you…

Back in the day, I was a pretty hardcore ballet dancer, and now that I’m retired, my body hurts. So, I’m always looking for something to help with lumbar and neck support. I’ve tried many, many, many things, from lumbar pillows, to neck pillows, to massage therapy, and I still always have one side of my body that is much tighter than the other, causing discomfort (Being a dedicated side sleeper contributes to that). Nothing I’ve tried has really helped, so I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much, but the Cuddler changed the game.

It’s the Goldilocks pillow

The Cuddler is the perfect texture. Not too soft like you’re sinking into a marshmallow, and not too firm like you’re holding onto a pool noodle, and I feel like Goldilocks when I say, “It’s just right.” The quality is amazing; it’s well-designed and durable. You also have your choice of pillow cover in a variety of colors and materials (either velvet or cotton), which makes it easy to clean and maintain. A great thing about the Cuddler is that I can tie it in a knot and drastically reduce the amount of space it takes up on my bed, creating a great storage solution (and a cute decorative piece for my bed).

It’s a body pillow unlike any other

Another thing that made my experience with the Cuddler drastically different from other pillows I’ve used in the past is the length. It’s incredibly long for a body pillow; it’s actually a little longer than me, so I can wrap it around myself, starting at my neck, down to my feet, and have it between my knees, offering the support I need for my hip and lower back. It’s absolutely divine. It’s like it supports all the pressure points in my body and gently lifts away any tension that was there previously.

It’s the perfect boyfriend replacement

I also really enjoy cuddling up with this pillow, especially for my single girl winter Netflix binges. It’s super cozy, and I can bend it into any shape, and I won’t have that weird crick in my neck or tightness in my lower back from sitting on the couch for so long. It’s a perfect replacement for all those husky men who didn’t want plant-based girlfriends this cuffing season. The joke’s on you–the Cuddler and I will be snuggled up with tofu nuggies and oat milk hot cocoa until hot girl summer.

It’s time to invest in yourself this cuffing season

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The Bearaby Cuddler is pricey, and if you’re anything like I was back in the day when my young spine was perfectly aligned, you might be saying, “I would never spend more than $20 on a pillow!” And I will tell you: You are now a single lady in your 30s in the dead of winter; it’s time to invest in yourself. Treat yourself and add to cart!