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My Subscription Addiction

Sundays vs. Ollie: My Dog Tried Both, But Only 1 Gets Her Paw of Approval

Abbey Kittaka
ByAbbey KittakaNov 30, 2022


I think it goes without saying that as pet owners, we want to feed our best friends the best food we can afford. I have tried many different dog food brands and I can easily pick my top two: Sundays and Ollie! Now, I would guess most of us can’t swing two of these more expensive (and totally worth it, but we will get there below!) food deliveries.

So when it comes down to our two favorite brands, I have a clear winner in mind. Here are my thoughts on Sundays vs Ollie:

Best Tasting… Sundays

Winnie, my English Bulldog loves her food. I wouldn’t categorize her as a picky eater, per se, but she absolutely has her favorite snacks and meals. We tried the gentle transition of mixing her food with each of the new foods and, happily, neither resulted in an upset tummy. While Winnie enjoyed both food options, Sundays was the one that had her coming back to her bowl to check for seconds. This was the first food that has ever spurred that sort of enthusiasm. I think this is because the jerky-like texture of Sundays reminds Winnie of her favorite dog treats. I am happy for her to think her everyday food is a treat!

Easiest to Serve… Sundays

Since I live in an apartment where fridge and food storage space can feel inadequate, I personally much preferred the air-dried Sundays food. Ollie’s fresh food takes up too much space in my fridge and scooping out the wet food is a messy affair. With Sundays, it’s easy to measure with a scoop and creates no mess or dirty utensils. Because it is dry I can also store it in my adorable dog kibble keeper! I know aesthetics aren’t everything, but why not make it cute?

More Options…Ollie

If you’re looking for fresh dog food, then Ollie’s got you covered. The brand offers freshly cooked dog food in beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb, as well as baked dried dog food in beef and chicken. You can choose to subscribe to either option or a mix of both. Meanwhile, Sundays only offer air-dried dog food that comes in beef or chicken. Winnie seemed to enjoy both the fresh food from Ollie and the light, jerky-like texture of Sundays, but I definitely prefer the ease and cleanliness of Sundays.

Best Ingredients… Sundays

Sundays has one of those ingredient lists where you know what all of the ingredients actually are and it is full of goodies like meat, veggies, and fruit. And Sundays doesn’t contain any peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, or potatoes but instead has whole grains that are gluten-free and easily digestible. Gluten can cause digestive issues and totally grain-free food isn’t always ideal for dogs either. Sundays uses hearty grains like quinoa that provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber without any upset tummies.

Ollie absolutely delivers some high-quality food, but there are some ingredients that pickier pet owners might want to avoid like some synthetics and anti-nutrients like peas and potatoes.

Most Affordable… Sundays

Neither of these high-quality brands is going to be more affordable than the dry kibble you can pick up at a pet store or Target. But if there is one thing I will spend money on, it is my dog. She is my bestie, my constant companion, my sassy bodyguard, and, well, my everything. I have no problem buying the food that is going to keep her healthier and happier. But, the reality is that I don’t have a bottomless bank account. In my cost breakdown, Sundays was significantly less expensive per week than Ollie. Feeding Winnie Sundays averages out to roughly $29 a week while Ollie sets me back $51 a week for their fresh food. That is a big difference over the course of a month and even more staggering over a year.

Overall Winner… Sundays!

Sundays is my top pick for Winnie. The combination of irresistible taste, affordability, and ease of storage made this a clear choice. Winnie is happier and healthier, and even more enthusiastic about her meals. If you are like me, and you would do anything for your best furry bud, you should absolutely check out Sundays for Dogs.