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My Subscription Addiction

Sundays vs. Ollie: After Sampling, This One Is Paws-Down The Best

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 4, 2023Sponsored

I’ll admit that as an early dog owner, I went to the grocery store and picked a familiar brand of kibble off the shelf for my new English Bulldog, Winnie. I didn’t know better and was doing my best. Soon after, my eyes were opened to the world of quality dog food that ensures the longevity and vitality of everyone’s favorite family member. Winnie and I teamed up to try as many as we could. Our top two picks are Sundays and Ollie, and I’m going to break down why:

The low-maintenance pick… Sundays

Coming from that kibble life, transitioning to fresh dog food can mean a tangible change in your routine. It’s worth it to upgrade, but it’s surprising how that few extra minutes dedicated to feeding your dog each day can add up. Since Sundays food is air dried, you’re getting the benefit of the quality ingredients with the ease of measuring and scooping.

Ollie, on the other hand, is the frozen option... which equates to fridge space and a way bigger mess. This may not be an issue for some, but in my small city apartment, saving space (and reducing things to clean) is always top of mind.

The picky eater’s pick… Sundays

On the spectrum of picky eaters, Winnie isn’t at the extreme end, but she makes her favorite snacks and meals known. For as much as dogs love to please their humans, they’re pretty blunt about whether they do or don’t like what’s in their bowl. And, well, it was Sundays for Winnie. I’ve never seen her visit her bowl and whine outside of mealtimes before, so I was pretty wowed when Sundays brought this behavior out of her! My hunch is that the jerky-like texture of Sundays reminds Winnie of her favorite dog treats. She’s living her best life.

The more customizable one… Ollie

Not only is Ollie the “wet food” option here, they also offer quite a bit of variety. There are options for freshly cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb dog food formulas, plus beef and chicken flavors of baked dried dog food. When signing up to subscribe, you can choose either option or a combo. Sundays only offers air-dried dog food that comes in beef or chicken, which is all Winnie wants, ever—so I recommend trying both to see which route your pup picks.

Friendliest on the wallet… Sundays

Obviously quality brands like Sundays and Ollie are going to come along with a higher price tag, but to me, nothing is more worth it. Ensuring my roommate and literal bestie is getting all the nutrients and satisfaction she needs from her meals is super important to me. Not to mention, investing in a healthy lifestyle for your pup can mean less vet bills down the line. That said, that “higher price tag” I mentioned has a range. For Winnie’s needs, the cost of Sundays breaks down to $29 per week, while Ollie’s fresh food costs $51 per week for us. That’s quite the difference, especially for food of the same quality!

For the ingredients-savvy… Sundays

If you’re checking out the nutrition label of your dog’s food—and you should be—you’ll see all good things on that Sundays ingredients list. The meat, veggies, and fruit are all natural and human-grade, and gently air-dried to maintain the quality of those nutrients. Winnie’s vet warned that we watch out for filler ingredients like peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, or potatoes, which don’t offer as much bang for their buck to dogs. She also advised against gluten-filled recipes, as it can upset a dog’s stomach. Sundays uses grains like quinoa that provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber without any digestive issues.

As for Ollie? They also deliver high-quality food, but their recipes aren’t without anti-nutrients like peas and potatoes, and even some synthetics.

Drumroll for our winner… it’s Sundays!

We gave both dog foods a fair shot, but Sundays has won our hearts! Winnie’s vote was earned by the top-notch ingredients that make for an amazing taste, and my choice was made easy by the ease of storage and serving, the cost, and how happy my sweet girl is eating it. In the end, Sundays for Dogs really proved that air-dried is the way to go rather than frozen. Who can argue with a mess-free, 40% cheaper, and easy to store option? So, what do you say? Do you think you’ll try Sundays for Dogs?