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Sunday Citizen vs. Barefoot Dreams: My Soft & Snuggly Staple

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseDec 27, 2022Sponsored

Coziness is super important to me. I’m the kind of lady who takes off my bra the second I walk in the front door, and cultivating a home cocoon full of fuzzy throws and sumptuous surroundings has always been a priority.

I recently decided to upgrade the bedding in my guest room, and I looked at both Sunday Citizen and Barefoot Dreams as potential options to help optimize my guests’ snoozing. After ordering items from both companies, it quickly became clear to me which brand takes the crown for comfort. Here’s what I discovered:

If You Want the Softest Softness: Sunday Citizen

When it comes to my bedding checklist, soft and snuggly are at the top of the list, so I knew I wanted to add some bedroom accessories that look great AND feel great. Unpacking boxes from both Barefoot Dreams and Sunday Citizen, it was immediately clear that I’d narrowed my search to two great brands. Both companies specialize in materials that are soft and durable; however, holding both side-by-side, I prefer both the look and feel of Sunday Citizen. The fabrics feel higher quality to me and luxuriously soft. They’ve also held up very well to machine washing. So many soft fabrics get dull quickly after being cleaned, but the quality of my Sunday Citizen throw hasn’t been compromised at all in the wash.

If You Want High-Quality: Sunday Citizen

If I’m going to invest in a bedding upgrade, I want it to last. Doing a close inspection of the products I received, Sunday Citizen clearly takes the cake. The stitching is even and straight, and even though the products are oh-so-soft, there’s also a weight that makes them feel substantial in a very five-star kinda way. The material of Barefoot Dreams tends to pluck easily, whereas Sunday Citizen’s does not.

Doing a little bit of research into Sunday Citizen, I discovered that they design and blend their own textiles (vs. just buying what’s already out there). This hands-on approach from start to finish really pays off–their bedding is top notch.

If Price Is a Consideration: It’s a Tie

Both Sunday Citizen and Barefoot Dreams offer premium home and loungewear products that come with a price to match, though Sunday Citizen’s offerings are slightly cheaper than Barefoot Dreams’. Looking at each brand’s selection of throws, pricing varies depending on the size, but most fall in the range of $120-$170. While this is certainly pricey, to me, it’s worth it. The quality is obvious (especially in the Sunday Citizen throw), and I’m confident the products are durable enough to keep me cozy for years to come. Sunday Citizen offers free shipping in the US and Canada with every order and has a 90 day return policy.

If You Want a Total Bedroom Makeover: Sunday Citizen

Both Sunday Citizen and Barefoot Dreams offer a range of products for the home as well as a selection of apparel, and my goal for this bedroom makeover was to pick up a few accessories that would upgrade the look of my guest room. I browsed both sites, and I was a little disappointed by the selection at Barefoot Dreams–their focus seems to be primarily on loungewear. The bedding focus is almost entirely on throw blankets; there were only a handful of pillows, and literally only two products in the “bedding” category.

Sunday Citizen has a much wider selection, and I find the colors and designs much more in line with my personal aesthetic. Muted hues in a range of pastels and neutrals make me feel relaxed and at home, not skulls and Star Wars prints. (Sorry, Barefoot Dreams).

The Ultimate Winner: Sunday Citizen

Putting these companies to the test was a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I had the chance to get my hands on both before making my final decor decision. Ultimately, I’m going to send back Barefoot Dreams and keep Sunday Citizen for my guest room upgrade. The pillows and throw look great, and I’m happy that my visitors will have the softest accessories to make them feel cozy and at home when they stay with me.