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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Splendies vs. Adore Me: Treat Yourself to My Favorite Intimates Subscription

Angelique Winfield
ByAngelique WinfieldDec 27, 2022Sponsored

It’s easy to get distracted by life’s daily demands–so much so that we forget about treating ourselves to little things that make us smile. For me, one of those things is a monthly gift in the form of an intimates subscription that helps me feel good about myself (and also impresses my husband!). I tested out two popular intimates subscriptions, Splendies and Adore Me, to figure out which box brings me the most joy.

If you’re looking for an affordable option… Splendies

Splendies costs $16.99 per month for three pairs of surprise panties, with inclusive sizing ranging from Small-4X. The monthly price even decreases if you purchase a multi-month plan. Subscribers can choose from a “surprise variety”, all thongs, or no thongs, depending on your personal preference. On the other hand, Adore Me comes in at a higher price, with options ranging from $19.95-$59.99, depending on the items included.

If you’re looking for simplicity and everyday wear… Splendies

Adore Me offers a few different membership options, which confused me a bit when navigating the website. Adore Me subscribers can choose a $39.99 per month VIP membership where you get to pick your own item(s) from the Adore Me online store. If you’re a subscriber who enjoys clothing boxes, the Elite Option ranges from $19.99-$59.99 per box and includes 4-7 items. With the Elite Option, Adore Me stylists will curate a box for you based on your taste, much like StitchFix or Dia & Co. Additionally, you can shop Pay As You Go to make a one-time purchase with no commitment. While I appreciate the various levels of customization here, I wasn’t sure which subscription would work best for me.

Additionally, the Adore Me panties are predominately lacy and not something I’d wear on a regular basis and I had to ask myself how often I would realistically wear this style of panty. As someone who really values comfort, I preferred the 3 pairs I received from Splendies. Not only were they comfortable, but they were cute, too. I absolutely love the members only designs that are sent in my box each month. It’s also worth noting that my Splendies package was delivered swiftly, whereas my Adore Me box took longer to ship.

If you’re interested in more than just underwear… Adore Me

If you don’t want to limit yourself to only panties, Adore Me’s range encompasses lingerie, activewear, bras & panties, sleepwear, and swimsuits. You’ll receive 4-7 items per box, which is great for those looking to spice up their entire closet. Splendies does have an online shop where you can select the exact pairs you’ll receive and they do have bralettes as well. But if you’re in the market just for panties, Splendies is an uncomplicated way to get fun styles shipped right to your door each month.

If you’re looking for flexibility… Tie

Both Splendies and Adore Me subscribers can skip a month or cancel at any time–perfect if you feel like your intimates drawer is looking a little full. I have found for me personally, that Splendies' three pairs per month is the perfect pace for me...and I enjoy the surprise! But if you are interested in shopping for each individual item to add to your collection, Adore Me has a wide selection of merchandise to choose from featured on their website.

I’m really enjoying Splendies’ flexibility. You can get your first month at 50% off so you can find your preferred sizing and package type with little risk. When my discreetly packaged surprise variety pack arrived at my door, I was excited to see that my cotton pair, cheekster, and thong were all bright and fun–exactly what I’d expect from a surprise pack. The great thing is that I can easily switch from the surprise variety package to no thongs or to all thongs for any given month if I want to try out certain styles.

If you’re looking for inclusive sizing… Splendies

Splendies’ panties range from a size S-4X, which is highly considerate of both petite and plus-size girls. When I looked through the Adore Me website, I found that their size range is similar to Splendies. However, if you check out Splendies’ social media accounts, you’ll find that they do a really good job at featuring people of all shapes and sizes, which I really appreciate. Seeing people who look like me represented on their page makes me feel like part of a community.

My choice... Splendies

If you want to secure some adorable panties without breaking the bank, Splendies is definitely the subscription for you. The monthly fee is a lot more budget-friendly, but doesn’t compromise on quality. Plus, Splendies also really fits my everyday comfort level and style. While Adore Me offers some great intimates as well, I think subscribers will get the most wearable, high-quality panties from Splendies.