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My Subscription Addiction

Solawave’s Pride Month Bonanza: Your Skin Is About to Thank You! 🌈

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasJun 12, 2023In Partnership With Solawave

Listen up, skincare aficionados! Pride Month is upon us, and Solawave—the skin-loving, soul-hugging brand proud as a peacock to be an LGBTQIA+-owned business—is showing out. Prepare for a treat as dazzling as the community we're here to celebrate!

From June 1st through June 11th, every purchase over $125 will receive a free gift, a full-size Solabiomeâ„¢ Nourishing Moisturizer (a $36 value), which will be automatically applied to your order.

Even more reason to partake, Solawave is supporting GLSEN during Pride, which helps to protect and uplift LGBTQ+ students. Solawave is donating a percentage of sales in June to GLSEN with a goal amount of $25K.


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5 Fast Facts About Solawave You Should Know!

1. Suited for all skin types

Sensitive, dry, oily, combo, acne-prone—the Solawave range, including the gift-of-the-month Solabiome™ Nourishing Moisturizer and the 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand can be embraced by people of all skin types.

2. Clean, hydrating skincare that's the perfect base for makeup

The Solabiome skincare line is Solawave's newest launch that delivers results worth celebrating! It's the perfect base that will keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and prepped for anything that comes your way.

3. Clinical Results but at home!

The Solabiomeâ„¢ Nourishing Moisturizer has 95% of users experiencing softer, more supple skin, while 93% found their complexion dewier than a garden at dawn. And that instant soothing feeling? 90% of users swear by it.

4. Science-backed technology at your fingertips

The 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand is your one-stop shop for a spa-grade facial from the comfort of your own home. Packed with Red Light Therapy, Galvanic Current, Facial Massage, and Therapeutic Warmth, it's bye-bye, fine lines, and puffiness; hello, glowing, youthful skin!

5. And Yes, You’ll Want to Pair It With the Moisturizer

Solabiomeâ„¢ Nourishing Moisturizer, your freebie with purchases over $125, strengthens, plumps, hydrates, and gives the appearance of fine lines the boot, thanks to Solawave's proprietary blend of skin-soothing synbiotics, Solabiomeâ„¢.

Your skin barrier and microbiome will love it!

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