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So You Got a Dog. Now What?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereDec 14, 2022In Partnership With Nom Nom

First of all, congratulations on becoming a pet parent! So much love and so many snuggles lie ahead for you—and, well, some cleanup too, but it’s all worth it. With a new member of your family (yes, even a furry member), things can feel overwhelming. Starting yourself and your puppy off with a solid foundation—like a nutritious diet, among other things—can make a huge difference in your dog’s overall health trajectory. Let’s explore what else you can do to welcome your puppy into their new family successfully.

Meet Those Nutritional Needs

Puppies tend to have a ton of energy, and that can mean a big appetite, too. What you feed your puppy can make a great impact on their health and wellness for their entire lifespan. When you bring your puppy home, introduce them to their food and water bowls, and have some fresh dog food like Nom Nom waiting for them to gobble. Once they’ve filled that belly with this Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist-developed food, they can sniff around their new space! Is your new pup too excited to explore their new space to eat? That’s normal, just keep guiding them back so they learn where it is.

Nom Nom ships you pre-portioned meals that are catered to your dog’s dietary needs—and all are filled with gently-cooked meats and veggies that are prepared separately and mixed for your pup specifically. Puppies need higher levels of protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus than mature dogs do, which Nom Nom can be trusted to account for.

Set Your Pup Up For Success

Once you’ve introduced your new little doggo to their food dish and water bowl, it’s time to let them explore a puppy-safe room of the house. If you haven’t already tucked away breakable items, cleaning products or other potentially toxic products, electrical cords, keep the dog in their crate while you puppy-proof your space. You can always start with one room, gating them in with a puppy crate. Remember that the garbage can and stairs are both common parts of the house you’ll want to protect your puppy from.

Bond With Your Baby Pupper

Ready, set, snuggle! Is this not the best part of owning a furry friend? It’s important to earn your dog’s trust while they’re young—so between cuddles and ear scratches, you’ll want to introduce some boundaries to create an understanding of your puppy’s place in the pack.

Firstly, keeping a routine they can come to know and expect is something dogs do well with. Feeding them nourishing meals at consistent times each day will ensure their nutritional needs are met so they can grow appropriately, maintain their energy and soft coat, keep consistent stools, and more. Nom Nom has this puppy feeding chart to help you stay on track with frequency that first year-and-a-half of nutrition for your pup. Next, training leash etiquette and introducing basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” are important to maintain a trusting relationship between you and your dog.

Eat Well, Play Hard

As you can see, a puppy’s nutrition is one of the first things to get in order. When they’re well-fed with fresh dog food like Nom Nom, you’ll see fewer and smaller stools (a big deal when you’re working on potty training your pup!), more energy, better breath, increased stamina as they chase a ball or frisbee, and more. Paired with regular trips to the vet and learning some basic commands, your puppy will be raised knowing to trust you and live out their healthiest potential. You’ve got this!