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Smart Wallet vs. Bifold Wallet: Check Out Our Winner

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereMar 19, 2024Sponsored

If you’ve been considering trying out a smart wallet but aren’t sure what the features are or if it will work for you, don’t stress. I was curious myself so I started my research by trying out the Ekster smart wallets. Put side by side, the differences between smart and traditional (aka bifold) wallets are abundant, and there is definitely a clear winner.

If you want a wallet that isn’t bulky…Ekster

The design of the Ekster smart wallets is slim and sleek. You can easily slide it into your front or back pocket without seeing a huge bulge, or slip it into the smallest of clutches and still have room for your phone. Yes, it’s that small!

If you want easy access to your cards…Ekster

Not only are Ekster smart wallets slim, but they can also fit 12-15 cards and bills. The best part? With the push of a little lever, they pop up toaster-style, but at slight angles so that each card is easy to separate from the one next to it. You can forget about having to slide one card out at a time searching for the right one.

If you’re someone who loses your wallet frequently…Ekster

Just like iPhones have the “find my phone” feature, these smart wallets can be made trackable. This isn’t an automatic feature; you have to purchase a Tracker Card, which is no thicker than your average credit card, to keep in the wallet at all times. If you do that, though, you make your wallet unlosable!

If you’re a creature of habit…Traditional Wallet

Look, I’m not a huge fan of change either. And if your current wallet is still serving you well, then there’s no rush to change things up. In the meantime, you could add a trackable card to your traditional wallet and even use RFID-blocking sleeves for your cards but it’s not a very elegant solution. When you’re ready to upgrade, I highly recommend checking out Ekster.

If you want more security…Ekster

Did you know that it’s possible for scammers to access the chip on your card for wireless theft? It’s no easy feat, but it is possible. These wallets are made with technology that blocks RFID (the signal that your credit and debit cards give off that makes them work when you insert them into a chip reader) to prevent that from happening.

If you’re married to the leather wallet look…Ekster

When you hear the term, “smart wallet,” you might be picturing hard metal, and maybe that’s not your vibe. But that doesn’t mean a smart wallet isn’t for you. Ekster has leather material options, so you can get the look you love and the technology. The wallets also come in space-grade aluminum and 3K carbon fiber, so there is something for everyone.

And the clear winner is…Ekster smart wallets

Both traditional and smart wallets are good options for housing your cards and bills, but for me, the clear winner is the smart wallet. There are too many benefits–convenience and security being at the top of the list–to not at least give it a try. Get yours today and see for yourself!