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Silvi vs. Blissy: Find Out Which Silk Pillowcase Made My Dreams Come True

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Nov 14, 2022Sponsored

I’m a licensed esthetician, so I am always looking for ways to improve my skin. I have a nighttime routine that has been meticulously fine-tuned to include the right cleanser, carefully chosen serums, a toning mist, and a high-end night cream. And my skin is looking pretty good. Most days. 

Due to my dry skin, acne can be difficult to target without causing my skin additional irritation. A fellow esthy recommended I try a silk pillowcase because she had noticed calmer skin and smoother hair. While browsing, two brands stood out to me the most: Silvi and Blissy. So, I slept on both for a week to test them out.

Most Surprisingly Magical: Silvi

The majority of acne can be traced back to bacteria on your face. So, I snagged some Silvi pillowcases because they are the only silk pillowcases treated with antibacterial silver ions. Literally, these pillowcases utilize a precious metal to fight my acne! How does this work? Silver is an incredibly antibacterial element. And the majority of acne can be traced back to bacteria on your face. Gross. If you are like me, and you sometimes sleep with your hands tucked under your chin, you can see why some of us get those especially big and deep spots.

Another bonus of Silvi’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic silver pillowcases is that they stay cleaner longer than even my Blissy pillowcases. I wash my Silvi pillowcase about every 10-14 days compared to my cotton pillowcases, which feel like they need a wash every 5 days or so. And my results? Pretty amazing. After a few days, I noticed my jawline acne seemed to be smaller than usual. I am really thrilled that I might have found a silver bullet (pun intended) for a congested jawline that doesn’t dry out my skin like a skincare product aimed at acne would.

Best Price: Silvi

The pricing of these brands is pretty comparable, with Silvi having the edge. Silvi standard pillowcases are $60. On the other hand, Blissy standard pillowcases are closer to $67. There is a difference here in Silvi’s favor, but the prices are pretty on par with one another.

Best Fabric: Tie

Both Silvi and Blissy are made of 100% mulberry silk. This is a hypogenic and natural fabric with loads of properties that make it better for your skin and hair than cotton or (gasp) polyester. Mulberry silk is much smoother, which means less friction against your skin and tresses. The result is less irritation to your face (a huge acne trigger for me), and a smoother surface for your tresses.

Mulberry silk is also much drier and less absorbent than other bedding fabrics, which means it stays fresher longer between washes–a big bonus for those dropping $$$ on one of these little luxuries. It also means you save money in a way maybe you won’t expect: on your actual skincare! If you have ever applied a thicker night cream and then felt disgusted when your cotton pillowcase seemed to absorb it straight off of your face, you need to try this silk. I end up wasting a lot less skincare because it actually stays put on my face at night.

Best Guarantee: Silvi

Silvi has a pretty incredible guarantee: you can sleep on their pillowcases for 100 nights. If you aren’t totally in love, you can send back your used pillowcase for a full refund. Blissy offers 60 days, which is still pretty good, but I think when a customer is spending this sort of money on a pillowcase, the longer trial can make them feel more confident in their purchase and give them even more time to see results.

My Favorite Silk Pillowcase: Silvi

Silvi was my favorite of all of the silk pillowcases I have ever tried. The gorgeous color options, luxe silk, and its special silver ion treatment make it feel like sleeping on a magical little cloud. And the added benefits of smoother hair and clearer skin? I dread ever sleeping without one. Best of all, you can get 50% off all of Silvi's bamboo bedding with code BFCM50!