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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Show Me the Hair Hack You Discovered One Day That Changed Everything – I’ll Go First

Cristina Croitor
ByCristina CroitorJan 27, 2023In Partnership With Madison Reed

Over the summer, I gave birth to my first child. From that very first day, my entire life changed and everything I did was for the survival of my son, of course. Although I do get support from my family to take a break and recharge, going to the salon to maintain my usual hair upkeep was certainly not my priority. However, when I began to notice the grays sprouting at my roots, I knew I needed to find a solution quickly!

That’s when I decided to do some research. And what better place to see what people are using these days than TikTok? I could scroll through endless amounts of videos to see what new product busy moms like me were using — and that was Madison Reed’s Permanent Hair Color. I wanted something that would help cover my grays easily and add a bit of shine without changing my natural hair color, and Madison Reed promised to deliver.

Here’s how Madison Reed’s Permanent Hair Color has become my ultimate hair hack after a few uses:

Madison Reed is Dermatologist Tested

I’ve always been very aware of the products I use and keep around my baby, so I needed a hair dye that was dermatologist-tested to ensure that extra layer of safety. Every ingredient for every product included in the box is listed on Madison Reed’s website, providing me with that transparency I absolutely love. Their formulas are free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide, which have all been proven to damage scalp and hair health. They are also cruelty-free, which is a very important thing to me. Additionally, to ensure that their products are actually nourishing my hair instead of damaging it, Madison Reed has included keratin, which strengthens and fortifies hair, argan oil to repair damaged hair and add shine, and ginseng root extract to soften and alleviate split ends.

Madison Reed is an Easy to Use At-Home Hair Color

Having never used an at-home permanent hair dye myself, I found the process to be easy, seamless, and even fun. The box comes with customized instructions that make sure to explain everything you need for stunning results.

Aside from the hair color, conditioning color activator, and gloves, the box includes barrier cream to prevent hair color from transferring onto your skin, cleansing wipes, a protective cap to use while the hair color processes, plus color protecting shampoo and conditioner. With my busy schedule, I needed something quick and easy to understand so I could tend to my baby at any moment’s notice. And Madison Reed was definitely it. Oh, and if I had any questions, I could simply go on their website and watch the tutorials on how to dye my hair!

Madison Reed is Effective & Affordable

Another thing that makes Madison Reed’s Permanent Hair Color the ultimate hack is the fact that it’s only $30 ($25 if you subscribe & save)! Compared to the hundreds of dollars I’d spend at the salon, choosing Madison Reed instead is pretty much a no-brainer. That way, I get to save my money and spend way less time sitting in the chair.

The results? Total gray coverage

Although grays are a natural part of aging, I still wanted to hide the ones making themselves known at the crown of my head. The ammonia-free, cruelty-free ingredients included allowed me to cover up those pesky, resistant grays without having to dye my hair multiple times. The hair color also comes out beautifully multi-tonal, so it genuinely looks like I went to the salon. Since dying my hair, I have not noticed any fading in my hair color–this is key for me! I went with the shade Dosolo Brown (5.5NNA), and post-color, my hair looks shiny and healthy–it’s everything I could’ve asked for.

The Verdict: Madison Reed is My Favorite Hair Hack

After Madison Reed's all-over permanent hair color popped up on my TikTok page, I can’t stop raving about it. Not only did it target those pesky grays that were frankly making me a little insecure, but it also strengthened my hair and added some much-needed shine to it. After a single use, I looked like I had just left the most expensive hair salon in my area! And the best part was that it was so easy to use. I didn’t need a lot of time to understand the process and it allowed me to get back to my baby as soon as I was done. So if you’re struggling with grays and looking for the best, most affordable hair color hack, I highly recommend giving Madison Reed a shot.