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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Shinesty Is Having a Sale – Hurry Before the Romance Fizzles!

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsJan 27, 2023In Partnership With Shinesty

Ever heard of a little thing called a grand romantic gesture? Keeping those boxers fresh for sure counts, and Shinesty is doing you a favor by offering 35% off + free shipping for new subscribers. The catch? There are two: one is Shinesty’s signature ball hammock® pouch to hold the boys in place; the other is that you can only access this exclusive deal by clicking the red button below.

I personally think that 35% off your underwear subscription is reason enough to act, but if you’re not yet convinced, hear me out:

5 Fast Facts

1. The Ball Hammock® Pouch is legit

Shinesty says it best: “Ball Hammock® pouch technology helps stop the family jewels from getting crushed in the grundle.” Seems like something you should have tried, like, yesterday.

2. The prints are hilarious, but there are also solid colors

“On the nose” is kind of my middle name, so I’m here for the over-the-top Valentine’s Day prints that depict romance at its most affectionate moments, but there are all sorts of designs for year-round hilarity, as well as solids like grey, navy blue, red, green, and of course, black.

3. You’ve got options when it comes to cut

Shinesty has everything from long-in-the-leg to teeny brief-ini—whatever you feel good in, they’ve got. Boxer briefs with a fly? Yep. No fly? You know it. Cooling briefs courtesy of mesh zones and mineral-infused materials. Yes sir. And they’ve all got the ball hammock to hold you in place.

4. Cooling boxers, coming right up.

More on those cooling boxer briefs: I already mentioned the mesh paneling and naturally cooling materials, but what’s more, they’re moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Science says they stay up to 3 degrees cooler than your average undies. Do you even lift, bro?

5. There’s underwear for chicks, too!

Listen, if matching underwear with your partner is your love language, who are we to judge? Go a step further and get matching subscriptions…how’s that for a grand romantic gesture?

All these amazing details have me feeling pretty pumped about Shinesty, how about you? Go grab that 35% off + free shipping by signing up for a free subscription. Then you’ll get the warm fuzzies that new underwear brings every dang month. You deserve it!

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