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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Shaving Challenge: I Got an Extra 3 Days from My Shave with This Brand

Heidi Austin
ByHeidi AustinJul 7, 2022In Partnership With Athena Club

I’ve never really been picky about my razors. A razor is a razor, right? Shaving is not a task I enjoy doing in the shower, it always feels like a chore. Twisting and bending to reach the difficult places is especially uncomfortable as someone with scoliosis who lacks much spinal mobility. I’ve been hearing buzz about Athena Club razors lately, and that they could provide a closer shave allowing you to not have to shave as often.

How could a razor shave closer without cutting or burning you, I thought? Sounds like a huge perk to me, but also a big claim. So I’m going to do a little test to see if it’s true - shave one leg with the Athena Club blade, and one with my normal generic 3-blade drugstore razor.

My Athena Club starter box arrived in the mail and had the razor, a magnetic mount for the shower wall, a replacement blade, and Cloud shave foam. I got it in the limited edition color Matchpoint yellow which I think looks pretty slick and bright on my shower wall.

I started by grabbing the Cloud Shave Foam and smoothed it on my left leg for the first time. It’s such a rich foam that literally looks like puffy white clouds. I found it to glide on so thick, easily and it doesn’t just bubble away like other foams I’ve tried. A little goes a LONG way. It was so much easier to apply than the other goopy brand I used on my other leg. It has a fresh natural scent, definitely not overpowering which I appreciate. The ingredients are so much cleaner and left my legs feeling extra hydrated and protected than the average shaving cream.

When I used the Athena Club razor, I could immediately tell the difference. To start out, it’s got a long, grippy ergonomic handle which made the whole process much more comfortable for me. It has a wide head with 5 blades that pick up all the hair in a larger area easily in one swoop, unlike the drugstore razor where I had to go over one area multiple times and still had some stubble left over. This did end up saving me a lot of time - while also saving my back!

I’m happy to say I had zero razor burn or cuts with the Athena Club razor, versus my other leg was feeling extremely scratchy and irritated as I shaved and had razor burn in a couple of places. The Athena Club razor fit around the contours of my body easily. On the other leg, I had to get into much more awkward positions and stretch my skin in certain places to get the same results. Definitely not comfortable!

Athena Club offers convenient and affordable subscriptions for replacement heads as low as $2.25/head based on your personal shaving habits and needs. Way more affordable than other razor replacements I’ve purchased in the past. Super convenient to not have to remember to go pick them up at the store, because just when you need more they’ll show up at your front door.

Three days later, you can definitely see how much farther grown my right leg is, shaved with the generic razor. Very happy to say the buzz around town is true, and I don’t need to shave as often using my Athena Club razor. You can call me a convert. I now feel like shaving is slightly more of a luxury and I no longer feel dread every time I see it’s time to shave again. Highly recommend!

Heidi Austin
Heidi Austin

Heidi is born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, near Portland, Oregon, where she lives currently with her husband. She's traveled the country and world with her makeup artistry, working on various indie films, commercials, print and with private clients. She frequently writes professional reviews for products from various lifestyle brands, as well as for her own growing lifestyle blog. When she's not working, you can find her singing, writing and recording original music with her husband, growing veggies on her farmstand, playing with her cat and mantises, and learning how to live a healthier, more sustainable life.