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Secrets of a Birth Coach: How To Boost Sleep With This Affordable 5-Second Swaddle

Amanda Gorman
ByAmanda GormanJan 10, 2023In partnership with Happiest Baby

As a birth coach and mom of two, I’ve tried practically every swaddle on the market. Personally, I think they’re the key to better sleep for both parents and baby, and I’m always on the lookout for them! When I found out that Happiest Baby’s Sleepea swaddle was designed by world-renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp and has won a ton of awards, I figured it had to be worth a try (he is often cited as being the world’s leading swaddling expert, after all).

After trying the Sleepea swaddle, I can confidently say that it’s made its way into my routine as a mom, and is definitely one I’m recommending as a birth coach. Here’s how to boost your baby’s sleep (and your sleep!) with the Sleepea swaddle:

How the Sleepea swaddle works

When I brought my daughter home from the hospital, I remember the nurse warning me to be sure to swaddle her very tightly so the blanket didn’t come undone and cover her face. I was afraid to swaddle her at all, until I found swaddles with Velcro, which were a game changer at the time!

Happiest Baby’s Sleepea swaddle makes swaddling even easier, removing all the guesswork for parents. (Who doesn’t want a swaddle they can complete in 5 seconds?) It features secure inner arm bands and a leg flap to keep Baby snug all night, which is quite the upgrade from traditional Velcro swaddles. When you swaddle a baby with their arms snug by their side, they’re less likely to be startled awake in the night (read: more sleep for parents, too). As a birth coach, I would highly recommend the Sleepea swaddle: It’s going to be a can’t-live-without tool for parents who may be struggling with traditional swaddles that can be difficult to wrap and often come undone, especially with wiggly babies.

Better sleep in 5 seconds

I really appreciate how ingenious the Sleepea swaddle’s features are. This swaddle is made of breathable mesh material that is suitable for all seasons, ensuring that the baby stays cool and comfortable. When it's time for a wash, this swaddle is machine washable for added convenience. Plus, it’s affordable at $32.95, so it’s accessible for many families, and it comes in three sizes: Small (5-12lbs), Medium (12-18lbs), & Large (18-26lbs). The Sleepea swaddle also grows with your baby, offering the option for arms in or arms out as they grow and transition from swaddle to sleep sack. This easy-transition feature of this swaddle makes this an even more effective tool for parents, which I can definitely attest to as a mom!

The benefits of the Sleepea swaddle extend beyond just the baby. As a parent, getting a good night's sleep is so important for your overall health and well-being. And when your baby is sleeping well and safely the rest you need—as well as peace of mind! The Sleepea swaddle also features a speedy 2-way zipper for smoother diaper changes, plus quiet Velcro, so light sleepers aren't startled awake.

In conclusion…


Since the Sleepea swaddle was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, who created the 5 S’s technique to calm crying babies—which are Swaddle, Side-stomach position (only for soothing, never for sleep), Shush, Swing, and Suck—you can bet it was going to be a pretty great one. And I can confirm it 100% lives up to the hype of the awards and 5-star reviews. It’s so easy to use, it’s well-priced, and it has a baby sleep expert behind it…with all that, more restful nights and happier days are on the horizon for both parents and baby!