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My Subscription Addiction

Upgrade Dad’s Wallet Game: Score a Deal on Ekster’s Smartest Wallets

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMay 14, 2024Sponsored

The dad in your life probably thinks he wants a morning at the climbing gym or a night out with the guys, but he is mistaken—he needs a ninja wallet upgrade.

It’s called Ekster. And for Father’s Day, Ekster is offering 40% off everything and your choice of a Cash Clip, Tool Card, or Gift Bag with orders above $90. That’s a deal so rad we might start buying up for rando dads.

Here’s the thing, you have to click that red link below to get this discount. Hit it now:

Here’s how you can gift Dad some cool points:

Listen, if kapowing his credit cards isn’t exactly what the young-ish, formerly hip dad needs to get his mojo back, I’m out of ideas. The Ekster wallet inserts gadgetry where it’s never been before, but most definitely belongs. I should also note, this wallet is a fantastic gift idea for non-dads, of course—basically anyone who is ready to sprinkle some “future is now” vibes into their daily spending situation. Let’s get into the details:

  • Adios to the uneven back pockets, the rifling through pockets, and all that old-fashioned nonsense—Ekster wallets have a patented card ejection mechanism that fans up to 12 cards out with the click of a button. It’s really freaking cool. Your bills slip into a band around the outside.
  • The wallets are slim and secure, with an RFID-blocking layer built in so that data skimmers shall not pass.
  • There’s a look to suit every gent, with styles ranging from leather to aluminum in your choice of color or pattern.
  • Want more than just a wallet? Ekster has you covered with their Gifting Bundle that includes their Aluminum Cardholder, Metal Cash Clip, and Tool Card, along with a premium Gift Bag. BTW, did I forget to mention this $197 bundle is now 50%??
  • On a losing streak? You can easily add a tracker to make your wallet unlosable.
  • Want one for your Dad and Grandpa? No worries at all, Ekster is offering 40% off bundles so the whole family can upgrade!

As for the tool card Ekster is currently offering for free with purchases over $90?

  • It’s a compact multi-tool made from stainless steel.
  • It’s got 8 features including wrenches, SIM card pin, ruler, and a bottle opener.
  • It’s a $49 value.
  • It fits in your Ekster wallet, joining your cards as a useful item to have on hand.

It’s gonna be good, guys—that gifting moment, that gratitude, that life well-lived with an Ekster wallet in his pocket and in his hand. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this as a Father’s Day gift for 40% off + a free Cash Clip, Tool Card, or Gift Bag for purchases over $90. Now through June 20, 2024.