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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Scentbird Review – Find Your Signature Fragrance Among Designer Perfumes

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasMay 31, 2022


Scentbird is a perfume subscription box that sends subscribers four different vials of designer scents from refillable travel cases.

Scentbird Pros:

  • With a Scentbird subscription, you’ll receive a credit to apply towards the purchase of a full-sized bottle every month.
  • In your first Scentbird box, you’ll receive colored refillable perfume bottles that you can use for travel and keep your future samples.
  • All the samples you receive are travel-friendly and meet TSA carry-on regulations.
  • You receive a small card detailing the fragrance notes and inspiration.
  • Scentbird has selections from both female and male fragrance collections.

Scentbird Cons:

  • Subscriptions are not eligible for returns or refunds. (If your vials arrive in poor condition, you can contact Scentbird to replace them within 30 days of the delivery date).
  • Prepaid subscriptions cannot be canceled before their end date.
  • Navigating their website can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to personalize your monthly box.

To me, perfume is one of those things that becomes part of your identity. For example, the scent of lavender reminds me of my grandmother. My husband has been using Paco Rabanne’s One Million fragrance for years, so every time I get a glimpse of it, I’m reminded of him – that’s the power of perfume.

But, I’ll confess something: it’s hard for me to try new fragrances. Mainly because a new perfume comes with a hefty price tag that I’m too afraid to purchase online, just to see if I’ll like it. So, a subscription service like Scentbird seems like the perfect way to expand my fragrance horizons. 

Scentbird is a perfume subscription box that sends subscribers four different vials of designer scents from refillable travel cases. After an initial quiz, Scentbird sends you samples of fragrances they think you’ll love. Today, the company has expanded to other verticals, including skincare, candles, makeup, and more. 

For this Scentbird review, we chose to be a bit adventurous and let the Scentbird team send us their favorite recommendations for fragrances. We received a box with their current best sellers. 

Also, I feel this is the perfect moment to add that I used to write hundreds of perfume descriptions for Perfumania. So, trying new fragrances is within my wheelhouse. 

Black Scentbird bubble mailer with four different fragrance cases

How much does Scentbird cost?

All subscribers start with the base plans at $15.95 per month for one item of your choice. After the first month, you can choose to change your subscription to receive 2 items per month ($25) or 3 items per month ($35). Scentbird does offer multi-month subscription plans and upgrades that you can access once you subscribe.

How is a Scentbird delivery packaged?


To my surprise, Scentbird isn’t a box per se. Instead, you get a small black bubble envelope to your mailbox that tightly has everything you need. All vials and travel cases come in handy velvet pouches that you can take with you anywhere.

My Fragrances

We tried an upgraded Scentbird box with four fragrances in total. Because we wanted to try different scents, we let them choose the most popular ones for us. Luckily, I received two feminine fragrances and two masculine ones, so I got to share this box with my husband.

John Varvatos - XX
4/5 stars


Full-Size Retail: $94

Notes: Cardamom, orange flower, and sandalwood.

Scentbird Description: John Varvatos XX is a new fragrance inspired by the celebration of style and music, the heart and soul of the John Varvatos brand. Bold and sophisticated, this masculine scent is infused with a relaxed yet sensuous feeling.

My Thoughts: This was a very masculine and seductive fragrance. I strongly recommend you test it before judging it by its scent on the bottle or on paper. My first impression was that it was too bold and strong. When I applied it to a piece of paper, it felt more sophisticated and elevated. But, when my husband wore it, I could tell this was a fragrance that kept evolving over time, really long-lasting, and with deep woody notes.

Commodity - Gold
4/5 stars


Full-Size Retail: $105

Notes: Vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, sandalwood, and molten amber.

Scentbird Description: Rich enough to bathe in, this decadent fragrance is an intoxicating journey to one’s innermost desires, thoughts, and impulses. Its warm gourmand scent is a luxurious blend of molten amber, balsamic benzoin, and sweet vanilla.

My Thoughts: I honestly wished this fragrance somehow smelled like gold – although I’m pretty sure gold is odorless. Instead, it was this clean, refreshing fragrance that felt a bit nostalgic. The vanilla was definitely a top note for this fragrance, with the sandalwood sort of sneaking out in the background. It wears nicely, but this is a rather sweet fragrance that I don’t think is for everyone. Still, this is a fragrance that I would consider unisex, so you could share it with a partner, perhaps.

Oscar de la Renta - alibi
5/5 stars


Full-Size Retail: $105

Notes: Mandarin, juicy accords, aquatic accords, vanilla orchid, and sensual musk.

Scentbird Description: Glamorous, feminine, captivating. Inspired by the duality of women today, Oscar de la Renta Alibi Eau de Parfum evokes modern glamour. Fresh mandarin, elegant vanilla orchid, and sensual musk come together for an unforgettable and effortless oriental scent.

My Thoughts: Out of the bunch, this was my favorite fragrance, one that I could see myself wearing every day. The juicy accords are definitely there, and you get this revitalizing feeling while smelling it. To me, this fragrance is worth the entire subscription, considering the full-size bottle retails for $105.

Confessions of a Rebel - Get A Room
5/5 stars


Full-Size Retail: $110

Notes: Red apple, mandarin, cypress, liquid vanilla, and clary sage oil.

Scentbird Description: All heat and plenty of skin, this scent layers mandarin, smooth woods, liquid vanilla, clary sage oil, and a bite of forbidden apple.

My Thoughts: Another one of my favorites. This fragrance is fresh and fun, perfect for the last days of summer. It’s a bit more challenging to tell the top notes of this fragrance, but you can tell it has a fruity heart. I think this is the ultimate daytime fragrance, or workspace fragrance (if that’s allowed at your office), or that weekend fragrance when you want to feel fresh and energized.

What do MSA readers say about Scentbird in their reviews?

At MSA, we also love sharing what our readers have to say about their favorite subscription boxes. Scentbird was founded in 2013 and has changed a lot since then, so it’s good to refresh what everyone’s thinking about this box.

“I like it, I've had it for quite a while now, great perfumes and cases and good customer service that gets right back to u within a day.” – mmiller1118

“I subscribed to Scentbird for almost a year, but the site was so user-unfriendly that I canceled.” – Diane

“Scentbird is a great subscription service. I am a perfume addict, and I like picking my own scents out for my queue. The bottles last quite long, more than one month per scent, and I put perfume on s couple of times a day. I have discovered in over a year at least 3 scents that are must-haves for me.” – Carleigh

Is Scentbird worth it?

For some people, it might be with it, but not for everyone. In my humble opinion, Scentbird is worth it if you choose to get three vials every three months. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with different fragrances and even ask for female and male picks to share with your partner or someone else.

At $15.95 per month for a single fragrance delivered every month, it seems like too much. However, if you’re one to try different scents all the time, it might be worth it after all. If not, I still suggest giving it a try, especially if you have your eyes set on a premium fragrance that you aren’t quite sure about yet. Scentbird offers you an opportunity to test-drive-it before you buy it, and that’s worth it to me.

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