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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Rootine vs. Athletic Greens: Here’s My New Favorite Multivitamin

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiJan 30, 2023Sponsored

I’ve been taking my vitamins every day — but, the old-fashioned way. I was taking a random, cheap multivitamin from the drugstore, and while it had some benefits, I was ready to lean into a precise multivitamin to optimize my health.

My friend recommended Rootine and I had to give it a try, but for the sake of comparison, I also decided to give Athletic Greens’ AG1 a go. Here’s how they stacked up.

If you care about the RIGHT ingredients and dosages that are optimal for YOU… Rootine

If the option exists to take a multivitamin that uses the latest innovations to precisely meet my body’s needs, count me in!

Rootine’s gist is “precision nutrition” — they are built on 10+ years of science using each person’s unique health and lifestyle data to design the only smart vitamin that changes with you.

Rootine customizes the ingredients and dose for each person, continually optimizing your formula per batch! Their science is unmatched. AG1 is full of vitamins and nutrients, but it’s not individually tailored. It honestly wasn’t that much effort to take Rootine’s at-home tests and answer their lifestyle quiz. That added investment ultimately made me more confident I was getting exactly what I needed. Also, not only is Rootine more comprehensive when it comes to nutrition, but it’s cheaper, too.

If you need a boost in energy, focus, immune support, and more… Rootine

The whole point of a multivitamin is to fill nutritional gaps so that you can be your best self, and AG1 powder is full of ingredients that claim to do that. But Rootine is a multivitamin that takes it to the next level to conquer fatigue and stress, and help clear brain fog on top of all that.

While AG1 has an impressive ingredients list, it’s hard to know what you’re missing or getting enough of in each serving. I often took more than 1 serving to play it safe, which got really expensive, really fast.

On the other hand, Rootine highlighted my body’s deficiencies and need for increased Iron, B12, and Vitamin D to counteract my drowsiness and stress. The difference in my day-to-day energy levels and mental clarity from taking Rootine is super noticeable.


If you prefer liquid vitamins… AG1

AG1 is a powder that is mixed into water and consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This makes an AG1 routine pretty straightforward. While I'm not sensitive to AG1's grassy flavor and while it doesn't make me bloat, others share different experiences. AG1 is also missing some vitamin essentials, like Vitamin D.

Though the liquid form is easy to consume, I prefer Rootine’s microbeads, which are tinier and easier to take than multiple horse-sized pills. Plus, they’re engineered for a slow release to optimize absorption.

Rootine multivitamins arrive in a daily packet of microbeads that you can take with a drink of water or add to a pre-blended smoothie. The packets are also super convenient and easy to travel with — there’s no clean up or mixing involved.

If you want a multivitamin that changes with you… Rootine

All generic multivitamins are the same. There, I said it. Nothing really changes, but you go through so many different life changes that your nutritional needs should, too.

Cut out the guesswork — Rootine automatically updates your multivitamin every time you re-test and every formula update is free!

As for AG1, well, they don’t offer any of that.

My winner is… Rootine

Despite how healthy you eat, the likelihood you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs is slim. So, I choose Rootine. Rootine’s multivitamin is smarter and more affordable than AG1, and since I already put a lot of care into what goes into my body, it’s nice knowing I’m doing the same for my wallet. I choose Rootine to help me go the extra mile with my health and wellness because they figure out what’s best for me, and all I have to do is take one packet a day without another thought — it’s kind of the best.