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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Real Life Customers Reveal What It’s Really Like to Get Styled By Wantable

Jacquelyn Brooks
ByJacquelyn BrooksAug 14, 2022In Partnership With Wantable Style Edit

It is so easy to fall into a style rut, right? I have recently undergone a bit of a fashion transformation in terms of what I wear out and about, and these changes have me feeling confident and in control of my closet. My at-home vibes though? Not so great. Imagine me on my couch, binging Netflix for a few hours, wearing a sad and faded 8-year-old sweatshirt with threadbare leggings that I should have trashed long ago. As for underwear, well, I'm not even going there. At this point in my life, I want and deserve to look put together at home, even if I am doing absolutely nothing except taking pictures of my coffee for Instagram. Which… happens a lot. But could I use a styling service for my lingerie and at-home loungewear? Is that even a thing?

Wantable has always had reviews that have caught my eye:

“LOVE Wantable! Have done several other boxes and subscriptions and somehow I am always impressed how Wantable always hits it out of the park! I used to do the Active Edit...probably stopped 7 years ago because I had way too many workout items. I wear my Wantable items regularly! I do the Style Edit now every few months for a closet refresher. Just ordered the Patio Perfect Edit and I’m super excited to see what comes!”

The enthusiasm and the mention of specific Edits had me intrigued. It is one of the things that sets Wantable apart from the competition. And when I saw a Sleep and Body Edit, I knew I had to try it! After a quick quiz where I was able to input my size, price parameters, colors, and fabric preferences, I also decided to drop my Wantable stylist a more detailed note on my likes and dislikes:

  • my style is minimal but trendy
  • I prefer neutrals but love a pop of something bold every now and again
  • my bra and panties always have to match
  • I want a neutral lounge set, basic slippers, and bright, solid bralettes to wear under overalls for summer

The stylist delivered with these 7 items in my custom box:

  1. Only Hearts Eco-Rib Bralette & Thong in Pink Orchid: this is the perfect bright bralette I was searching for, and I love that it is a matching set. The fit is flattering and it’s super comfortable.
  2. Fleur’t Lace T-Back Bralette & Thong in Skylight: this checked the box for a neutral matching set. Perfect for cozy mornings on the couch, great coverage, and again an amazingly soft material.
  3. Project Social Bases Loaded Cozy Top & Short in Tea Biscuit/Oatmeal: I’m obsessed with this neutral color lounge set - it matches perfectly with the other items in my box, and I can see myself living in it all day.
  4. MUK LUKS Jaylah Slipper in Camel: Last but not least are the slippers I requested. I wanted something basic but stylish, and this moccasin style is it. It feels like you’re walking on clouds.

My experience with my Edit absolutely echos so many of the great reviews I have already seen time and time again:

“Wantable has been AMAZING for me. Almost dangerous. Absolutely love this company and their customer service/experience.”

“Wantable is an awesome company to work with when buying my clothes. Top quality and well worth the price. The staff listens to you 100% and because of that, I love the boxes I have received. I just know my stylist gets me, so I have kept more than I’ve returned.”

The stylist obviously read my requests and took the time to select pieces they knew I would love. And the quality of my items exceeded my admittedly lofty expectations. The Edit boxes make shopping so easy, especially if you live in a place like I do where in-person shopping options seem to be becoming more and more scarce. Wantable is a great way to feel like you have input on what goes into your closet but with the added expertise of a stylish friend who can send you magical packages filled with new looks directly to your doorstep. Magic! And I certainly prefer it to some of the other services I have used previously.

“I received my first box today. I loved everything in it. The price wasn’t too bad either for the quality of clothes you get. I have done Stitch Fix for a year and I’m dropping it. It does not compare. Highly recommend it!!”

So, if you have been looking for a new styling service, or just need a refresh, I absolutely recommend giving Wantable a spin. I also plan on snagging some of their themed clothing boxes like the Hot Summer Nights Edit and the Take it Outside Active Edit for summer hiking adventures.

“I got my first box Friday and it was fantastic! Everything in the box was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I loved everything they sent me except a pair of jeans, but that was my fault because I  never told them that I only wear skinny jeans. Their clothes are GREAT QUALITY - I have been a store manager for Ann Taylor for many years - please take it from me, you can't go wrong with this company. I can't wait to get my next box!”

I get it. I can’t wait for my next box either!