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PROVEN Skincare vs. Rodan + Fields: The Ultimate Skinvestigation

Audrey Stefanik
ByAudrey StefanikAug 22, 2022Sponsored

I’m obsessed with skincare but even I’m sometimes overwhelmed with all the research that goes into building a good routine. Especially now that I’m over 50, I need something that works and evolves with my needs over time. Well, what if I could outsource that research?

Enter: PROVEN Skincare and Rodan + Fields.

I recently compared these two popular skincare regimens head to head. Both PROVEN  and R+F offer online consultations to match you with the products you need, but which brand do I prefer? The results of my skinvestigation are in!

If you want customization…PROVEN

The main difference between these two regimens is that PROVEN’s products were made for me, created with ingredients tailored to meet my specific skincare needs. PROVEN has built its own database of information and uses artificial intelligence to compute the best formulas based on 47 different factors. Its unique Skin Genome Quiz™ considered elements like the average UV index, humidity level, and air quality where I live.

In comparison, R+F Redefine products are traditionally manufactured & marketed formulas, meaning that the R+F products sent to me are the same formulas sent to anyone else who wants to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want a more in-depth consultation…PROVEN

Both PROVEN and R+F offer a skincare quiz that considers my age, skin type, skin tone, and level of sensitivity.  PROVEN, however, went into greater detail. For example, PROVEN considered my age but did not toss me into the broad “over 50” category. It identified me in the “47-54” age group. That makes a difference! My skin changes from year to year, not every decade.

Another example is the Skin Genome Quiz™ identified one of my focus areas as “seborrheic dermatitis.” I had to Google that to find out it’s a fancy name for the skin flaking that has long annoyed me! I just assumed I had dry skin so I kept moisturizing. Now my skincare has ingredients to address this problem.

If you want more products…Rodan + Fields

While PROVEN customizes its products for your unique skin needs, R+F has more variations of each category and just more categories in general. Aside from PROVEN’s Personalized System, it also offers an eye cream duo and that’s it. Meanwhile, R+F has more to offer with everything from eye creams to serums, face masks, and skincare tools. But more isn’t always better.

If you want simplicity…PROVEN

A skincare routine only works if you can stick to it, so simplicity is the name of the game. My PROVEN routine is three products total! A cleanser for both day and night, a day moisturizer, and a night cream. Perfect, easy two steps for maintaining a routine.

In comparison, the Redefine R+F regimen is three steps each morning (cleanser, toner, protector) and three at night (cleanser, toner, moisturizer). I am not a fan of toners, which are harsh on my skin. It’s an added step that I would likely drop from the routine.

If you want specificity in ingredients…PROVEN

PROVEN uses ingredients from both nature and science; all are FDA-approved and have been clinically studied and proven to produce results. I was thrilled to see some of my favorite ingredients from science, like niacinamides, working alongside natural ingredients like green tea extract and plant-based squalene. It’s the best of both worlds!

The R+F Redefine line was less detailed about its ingredients, listing broad categories like “botanical extracts” and “retinoid science.” It also includes peptides in both the morning and evening routines. Retinol is tried and true in the world of anti-aging. However, it can be irritating and produce peeling and redness.

And the Winner Is…

PROVEN was the clear winner for me. No, all my wrinkles did not disappear overnight, but my skin looked refreshed and plumped with moisture. With regular use, I’m noticing a reduction in fine lines, especially around the mouth, and a firmer jawline. Best of all, I know that the formulas will change over time so my routine will keep being effective.

PROVEN is skincare that will adapt to any changes in my life. With PROVEN, I’m not just anyone; I’m a skindividual.

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