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My Subscription Addiction

Prose vs. Function of Beauty: The Custom Hair Care That Worked Best For Me

Beatrice Wilter
ByBeatrice WilterNov 30, 2022

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Our hair is such an essential part of our appearance, so it’s only natural to want to treat it right with custom hair care. I’ve rocked everything from my original color to all sorts of bright shades, and I’ve taken the same pride in my hair no matter the stage. The two custom hair lines that caught my eye are Prose and Function of Beauty, so I decided to test both. See how they stacked up and find out my winner.

If you want what works best… Prose

And why wouldn’t you? From my experience with Prose, everything worked as it should, from a shampoo that had a soft lather and rinsed clean, plus a conditioner that effectively detangled my fine hair’s knots. My clean hair brushed through easily, and after being air-dried it felt soft, hydrated, and totally frizz-free. By comparison, my hair felt so much more manageable after using my custom Prose products on it.

If you want flexibility to experiment and update as needed… Prose

I can say from firsthand experience that hair changes over time—some are changes from the salon, and some are due to the body’s natural changes over time. I love that Prose lets you adjust your products and hair care routine as you need to. They have a Review & Refine feature that lets you give feedback and update your hair goals as needed. I love being able to set it and forget it so that I know my next shipment will be customized to my hair’s ever-changing needs.

If you want a built-out line that’s totally tailored to your needs… Prose

Both brands start you off with a sign-up quiz. Function of Beauty’s is pretty brief and assumes you have a clear idea of your hair’s tendencies. I prefer that Prose goes into more detail, taking into account hair texture, level of oiliness or dryness, hair density, porousness, thickness, washing habits, and even your zip code so they can consider regional weather impacts and more. Once they zero in on your perfect formula, Prose gives you way more products to choose from than just shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and a hair mask. They also offer products like a curl cream, dry shampoo, hair supplements, and even brushes for all sorts of hair types.

If you’re on a tighter budget… Function of Beauty

If you’re looking for a lower cost custom hair care set, Function of Beauty costs $40 for 8 oz. of shampoo and conditioner, while Prose’s set costs $56 for 8.5 oz (prior to the subscription discount). For me, though, the slightly higher cost of Prose shampoo and conditioner is worth it given all the perks of this brand that I listed above. You can always subscribe to save 15%, which has the added benefit of ensuring you never run out of product.


I’m smitten by the concept of custom hair care, and my winner is an easy pick. Prose’s in-depth consultation quiz gave me truly personalized results (I love that I can update them anytime), and their product was outstanding to use!