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My Subscription Addiction

3 Products I Rely On For My Over-50 Eyes

Audrey Stefanik
ByAudrey StefanikDec 31, 2022In Partnership With Prime Prometics

Achieving a bright-eyed look is a bit more challenging now that I am over 50. To achieve the youthfulness I’m going for, I have to be more selective in the products I use (you might say I strategEYES). Over the past year or so, I’ve refined my over-50s favorites list to include only my tried-and-true products.

I’ll share with you three products I’ve come to know and love for my over-50s eyes: PrimePrometics’ PrimeLash mascara lengthens and volumizes, Lumify eye drops help me look awake, and a rose quartz roller reduces puffiness. Read more for the breakdown of why these products are my ultimate favorites.

PrimePrometics’ PrimeLash Mascara

Mascara is a MUST, and I’m very picky about the mascara that I use. When you’re over 50, your eyelashes become thinner and sparser–getting every lash covered by a mascara that can do it all is super important!

Because I’m conscious about what I put near my maturing eyes, I never wear waterproof mascara or mascara that rubs off and causes a lot of black around the eyes, a.k.a. “panda eyes.” Scrubbing during removal also results in lash loss, and it’s also bad for the delicate skin around my eyes. I was on the hunt for a product that promises gentle, easy removal.

Then, I found PrimePrometics’ PrimeLash mascara, which checks all my boxes (and then some). PrimeLash was developed for women in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond, BUT I would recommend this for women of any age. It’s that good!

Here are a few reasons why PrimeLash stands out from both high-end and drugstore offerings:

  • Gives my lashes length and volume
  • Achieves a natural or dramatic look
  • No transferring to my “hooded lids”
  • No panda eyes
  • Easy removal

Besides how beautiful it makes my lashes, PrimeLash Mascara also cares for them by feeding my lashes essential vitamins and hydration. Also, herbal oils and bioactive nutrients heal and repair damaged lashes, helping to maintain a fuller look. All of that moisture encourages lash growth and prevents breakage, which I can definitely attest to–my lashes have never looked better, even without mascara.

PrimeLash comes in three colors, so there’s something for everyone. Navy Blue is great for highlighting light eye colors or subtly playing with color. Dark Brown gives a warm, natural look, and it’s a great option for a less dramatic look. Black is the classic that looks amazing and glamorous on all skin tones.

Lumify Eye Drops

To look awake and refreshed, I always use Lumify eye drops. There’s really no other eye drop like it. With just a drop, my eyes look incredibly white! Believe me, you’ll notice a huge improvement in the way your face brightens up. When combined with my PrimeLash mascara, I’m super confident in how I look.

Rose Quartz Roller

If I notice puffiness around my eyes, I use my rose quartz roller to move the fluid out of the eye area. I really like a rose quartz roller, but any roller will do. I gently roll over any puffiness around my eyes and push it towards my hairline.

This also helps my moisturizer sink in, and when the roller is cold, I feel like I’m treating myself to a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage. My eyes are less puffy, and the rest of my face looks slimmed down, too.

To Recap

With so many changes that come with entering your 50s, it’s good to have a few products I know I can count on. When it comes to finding the few things that make me feel beautiful, you can bet these three items are my tried-and-trues!

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